Welcome to the insta-hood: @queenbeegee77!

This week I interviewed IG account: @queenbeegee77 !

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

“A Little about me. I am basically just a big kid. Very easy going. Big nerd. I grew up in San Diego CA. I used to be a teacher for the last  12 plus years for kids ages 4 to 12 in the greater San Diego area. I mainly taught enrichment classes like cooking and lego, sewing etc.. A couple years ago I moved to a very small town in Colorado where I’ve been ever since. “

2. How did you end up picking the house you’re currently living in?

“I picked the house I currently live in with my youngest son. We both had good vibes and I had dreams of this place before we got it. (My haunted house was my childhood home I inherited in SD)”

3. When did  you first realize it was haunted?

“I first realized that my childhood home was haunted when I noticed that other kids didn’t have the same experiences as me. When I would go to their houses they didn’t have ghosts there. It felt different. My uncle had passed away in my childhood house when he was 4 and he frequented my room and the main hallway. The land my childhood home was built on was previously used as a makeshift world War 2 training camp. Many accidental deaths happened there so the land was not good for homes. Also in the 50s there was a serial killer who made his way thru the area but not before killing women in this neighborhood to add to it all. 

The most creepy thing that happened to me which really persuaded me to move was I was laying down one night and I felt a hand grab my ankle real quick. Unmistakable ankle grab. It was terrifying. 

 I ended up having a TV show come out to figure out what was happening and that was even more traumatic for me. Their suggestion was we move because the land can’t be cleansed. So that was it. I made my plans to move and a couple years later I was able to get out. Best decision I’ve ever made. Sad to let the home go that I grew up in but happy to be away from all that bad that has built up in that neighborhood.  I had so many neighbors come up to me after the show I did and tell me their experiences with seeing things in their homes too. I was grateful for all the validation that came from the show I am just so private that it was hard to be so public and let cameras into my life and home for a week. “

4. What was the creepiest thing that has happened to you in the house?

“I never had any bad paranormal experience outside the home that I can recall but I started “seeing” things from the time I can remember. Most things were not scary per se but I was a kid who didn’t understand at the time why I would see these things. So it was definitely different. “

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