The last time I wore this…

The last time I wore this I was on my lunch break and decided to go across the street to Barnes and noble where they have a cafe. I open the door to the cafe side. Proceeded to order my drink and sat down at one of the tables. Then I noticed him. He looked nervous sitting there to the table next to mine. His leg was shaking and he kept turning his head to the window every couple of minutes and then his watch. He is probably waiting for someone I thought. I heard my name called out from the cafe saying that my drink was ready. I grabbed my drink and went back to the same spot I was before. I looked at back at the man’s table and saw that he was sitting across from a women. Her hair was made up, she had a black dress and glittery heels.

They must be on a date I thought to myself as I opened up a book I usually brought with me during my break. But my attention and ears belong to other table next to mine.

“This is my first date since my wife divorced me a year ago. It’s my first time using a dating app but I thought it’s time to start again, and jump into a pool that isn’t so shallow.” Thank you for meeting up with me. Let me get you something to drink.” She blushed and nodded her head. She told him that she would take a grande cappuccino with soy and he said that he would try the same.”

He got there drinks and went back to table. I then heard them exchange there past lives to each other before this moment. They talked about their jobs, trips they have recently taken, trips they would like to take maybe with each other. Children they had and what they were doing in their lives. As I pretend to turn the page on my book I saw the guy gently and slowly moved his hand forward until he touched the palm of her hand. As if she knew and was waiting for him to do something sweet as she was leaving her hand open on the table during the conversation. Then I felt my phone vibrate and I thought darn that’s my alarm. My break is over and I have to go back to work.

As I got up I had the urge to turn to the newly couple and say “I wish you all the best.” But I didn’t and wish I did. I often think about that couple. Especially when I wear that ring…..

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