Movie of the Day: Mother (1996)

It’s no surprise that I am writing about this movie. When I was growing up I was such a films of all of Albert Brooks movies that I deemed myself a mini Albert Brooks. This one probably my second favorite movie that he made. The first being Defending your Life (1991) because I think I have watched it close to 50 times. Mother was made in 1996 and it stars of course Albert Brooks, Rob Morrow and playing the role of their mother is Debbie Reynolds.

I think I enjoy this movie so much because the way that Debbie Reynolds embraces this role reminds me so much about my own mother.

Albert Brooks, and Debbie Reynolds

Albert Brooks plays a character named John Henderson. A twice divorce (as his mother likes to point out to random strangers) writer who experience extreme writers block when trying to write his new novel. After he comes put from his divorce lawyer’s office to his newly emptied house (his ex wife owned all of the furniture in their home.) He comes to terms that he must go back to his youth in order to figure his current personal issues and his reason for his writers block.

Albert Brooks, and Debbie Reynolds

So he decides to temporarily move into his childhood home that his mother still lives in. He basically reroutes her life by putting back his bedroom from when he was in high school. And sticks with her during her daily errands and tries to reconnect with her in order to figure out his certain behavior patterns. And he also hopes to breaks his writers block.

Throughout the whole experience of what John considers to be an “experiment.” Not only does he figures out why he has certain patterns but he creates a new bond with his mother. He also helps his mother rekindle a lost passion that she kept buried in her closets for decades. There is a lot of positive and funny scenes in this movie. My favorite part is when they go shopping together. Here is a small clip:

A fun fact about this movie: Albert Brooks first reached out to Nancy Reagan about playing the role of his mother. However she declined because her husband had Alzheimer’s disease and did not want to leave his side for long periods of time.

Do you have a favorite Albert Brooks movie? If so comment below!!


Until next time!!!

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