My name is Clarissa: a summer fatigue saga

Hello my name is Clarissa and I am suffering from summer fatigue. With a full work load at work and home it makes it hard to relax. Even though summer is my second favorite season the heat and humidity has absorbed all of my good thoughts and vibes about the season. If I’m not sweating at work I am sweating at home. I am not a normally sweaty person but if you saw me you would find that hard to believe.

My body is screaming at me to sit down and relax. Read, watch a movie, work on a puzzle. Take a break from your hamster wheel so I decided to finally listen to my over work mind and body. And take a couple of days off this month. Hopefully my body and mind will thank me.

Please listen to your body and mind. You are not a robot. Or tied down by hundreds of troll dolls….

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