I wanted to say I love you but I didn’t…

I woke the morning after my birthday. I was still on a delighted emotional high from my birthday. I checked my phone and saw it:

A text from you. My heart was jolted and I wanted to text you back. I wanted to say I love and miss you so much. But then I remember all the months that I tried to call and text you. I came to you in tears. I came begging and pleading please talk to me. Don’t treat me like a stranger but I never heard back. I tried for so long that my heart gave out. My heart couldn’t bear anymore silence from you. I gave up. I went cold turkey and stop contacting you. I went through too many sleepless nights, too many tears wondering what I did to deserve silence. That I did not expect you to say anything to me on my birthday. So it surprised me that you communicated anything. But I can no longer be expected to jump on a bare minimum. I will no longer beg you to treat me like I exist. I will not accept the bare minimum I am worthy of my worth.

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