Artist’s Spotlight: @reallybadcartoons 

This week’s artist’s spotlight is on @reallybadcartoons !

  1. Tell me a little about yourself

“Hey Ladycult, my name is Joey P Curran and I am a cartoonist living in great ol’ Upstate New York. I have always been really into cartoons and have been doodling around my whole life – could never stay focused on much else.”

2. What 3 cartoons show growing up inspired your art and why?

“I grew up watching a lot of a local show called Pappyland.

I would spend hours at our coffee table drawing along with the main character Pappy Drewitt.

Looking back, that show is definitely what sparked my love for art.

As I got older, I shifted into watching stuff like Rocko’s Modern Life, Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Futurama, and getting into my grandparents’ Playboy collection. I would steal the pages with the comics and draw out my own versions.

Growing up in a strict, Catholic household, I naturally was addicted to the raunch/taboo cartoons. It was all a huge influence on my “style” for sure.”

3. Can you talk a little bit about your commission process?

“I just recently got into the whole commission thing. For a while I was straying away from low-brow art due to Instagram’s insane censorship but lately I have been back at it with the raunchier stuff. It’s been a lot more political, gory and perverse adult cartoons; which I enjoy the most. Typically prices range from $50-100 – dependent on size, time spent and the amount of detail. You can inquire about commissions, check out originals and what’s for sale at @reallybadcartoons on Instagram, email me at or

4. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share:

“As for the future, I’m hoping to just keep digging into the community of perverts and weirdos I found myself in. I’ve been meeting a lot of cool people and falling into some fun opportunities like this one, thanks to the legend Ladycult! We all appreciate everything you do, peace!”

If you would like more information about Joey. The following contacting information is below:


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When August feels like September: I am still heartbroken with the way you left things….

When August feels like September: I am still heartbroken with the way you left things….

it’s been almost a year since we last talk but there has been pockets of time in-between when I tried to reach out to you. There is no response. I know that there is no complete healing from one’s past but I was not part of that past where you went through that pain.

I loved you unconditionally, supported you in choices that I knew that would make you happy. Sold things when I had no job and no money to see you. Supported your happiness when you said no one did. It hurts that I have no communication with you. I still cry about this. There are times where I am so taken by grief that I start crying uncontrollably. But I know that when I do this it is my only way to grieve. So I decided to write when I feel this way. To write my words and my truth because you pretend that I do not exist. Like I am not a worthy person to have a conversation with. You cannot not hide from the world or from your own emotions. Perhaps it’s a pride thing that you feel justify in your actions I am not sure. But the only way I can feel out my pain is in writing. Sharing and communicating with others. I am not the only one in this journey. Although I admit it has been the most painful journey I have been on up to this point my life. However I know that I am not the only one walking this path. I know that others have been on this road, and was or still is walking these same steps. Not knowing where this path will lead, when to have a pit stop or when they finish their path. Know that you are not alone in this. But hiding is not the answer in healing that I know for sure. I might be on this path for months, years I don’t know but yet I continue to go forward. To walk on it because some days I walk quicker than others days. Some day I completely stop but I will still go forward.

The It Girl of the 1930’s: Cynthia the Mannequin

Lester Gaba was an artist with a specialization in sculpting . Growing up in Hannibal, Missouri while his parents were working hard in the general store that they own. Lester was spending a good chunk of his time drawing instead. When he was ten years old he decided to enter a sculpting contest backed by Procter & Gamble with the medium being soap. That contest even though he lost left a huge impression on him. He decided then and there that he would only sculpt with soap.

He went on to an art college in Chicago and then landed a job at Balaban & Katz theater Corporation. The head of the art department was so captivated by Lester’s soap art they starting to use it in magazines covers and quickly caught the attention of other advertising companies. Lester’s soap figurines became the rage and his name was quickly known as the only person at the time to specialized in creating works of art with soap.

Lester decided to move to New York City in 1932 and there he had a massive career moment. Although there a many different stories of what happened. One theory is that he was at a party in Chicago and befriended a socialite who owned a major chain of department stores called Best & Company (1879-late 1970’s) in New York City. She knew of his art and asked him to create some kind of art installation for the department stores that would make it both fashionable and attract shoppers to their stores. He then created a line of mannequins that he named Gaba Girls and made them to look like popular socialites of the era:

Another theory is that when he moved to New York City. Saks Fifth Avenue approached him to create the same idea and execute the same concept. Either way the Gaba girls became a very popular and talked about thing in New York City. Lester started using other material to create his girls so they had a longer shelf life: Plaster of Paris become his choice art material. His choice to move on to a different material was due to the weight. Soap in the shape of a human could weigh up to 200 plus pounds vs plaster of Paris is a lighter material and weighs much less.

One particular Gaba Girl become more popular than the others. There was one that was made in the likeness of a well known wife of an industrialist named Cynthia:

Cynthia became the most popular Gaba Girl due to her human like posing and very human realistic features. One of her more famous posing is the one pictured above. She has hair, freckles and even had one foot smaller than the other.

She began receiving hundreds of letters of fan mail, a lot of well known jewelry and fashion houses like Cartier, and Tiffany’s began to send her items which made her closet the envy of the everyone. Even Saks Fifth Avenue issued Cynthia a credit card from them. So she can shop there anytime!

Life Magazine

Cynthia was invited to the best parties in town and was even extended a wedding invitation of the wedding of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson:

Cynthia was even given season box seat tickets to the Metropolitan Opera House:

There was even a time where she had her own newspaper column and radio show.

She even had a movie credit in a movie called “Artists and Models.” A 1938 comedy with Jack Benny and Ida Lupino.

Of course anywhere that Cynthia went Lester went as well. There was even a Life Magazine cover and cover story with her and Lester out on the town:

However Cynthia had an horrible accident when she was sitting on a chair getting her nails done and broken in to hundreds of pieces in the late 1930’s. Her demise was even reported in the newspapers. Lester was able to make her own again late 1941 however in December 1942 Lester was drafted into the army. So she went into forced retirement while he was serving in the army. By the time he got out Cynthia was no longer the popular “it girl.” She went missing in 1952 and was never to be found again.

Lester however went on to a great career past his Gaba girl craze. He took a mixture of careers. He was everything from a newspaper writer, a professor and he created and enlarged the visual merchandising field. Even writing a book in 1952 called “The Art of Window Display”. That is a landmark book in the visual merchandising field. He died in 1987.


This amazing short:


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Little Heidi sees ghosts: A Wyrick’s Family Story

In season 7 episode four ( on the youtube video this segment starts at 34 minutes). You will meet a little girl eight year old girl named Heidi Wyrick.

Heidi in the middle with her mom Lisa and her dad Andrew but sometimes goes by Andy

She lived with her family in 1989 in a small house in Ellerslie, Georgia and she has a playmate. She claims to see an older man around her house that was not her family members. When she told her mother that this older man wanted to play outside with her. Her mom then asked her to describe what the man looked like. Her mom was caught off guard with Heidi’s description: She told her mother that they man she saw wanted to play with her in the front yard but his shirt was covered in blood. Also one of his hands was coverage with bandages steeping with blood. Her mother proceed to lock all the doors and waited for the man to return. However her mother would never see the man covered in blood but Heidi saw him.

Heidi actually saw a lot of random people on the property and inside the house. Many of them told Heidi their name. One man was named Mr. Gordy and the other man was named “Con” but later it was resolved that his name was Lon “Con” Batchelor. Which caused great alarm to her parents so they decided to talk Lisa’s sister and any one wanted to listen about what was going on. Lisa’s sister happened to be their next door neighbor.

One of the names was that mentioned to Lisa’s sister struck a bell in her mind. She brought over her deed to her house and saw that the previous owner of her house was a person named James S. Gordy.

James S. Gordy died in 1974

The Wyrick’s other neighbor. A women named Catherine Kelly Ledford who had been part of this town for most of her life and knew James S. Gordy and confirmed that he did in fact had been the owner of the house Lisa’s sister lived in. Catherine described Mr. Gordy as a kind man who was part of the community and children’s. The Wyrick family put Heidi and Catherine together to talk in more detail about the random people Heidi has been seeing and Catherine confirmed both man and also Heidi’s description.

Catherine is actually related to the man Heidi saw covered in bandages and blood. It was her uncle and Catherine said that he lost his hand in a cotton gin accident.

Lon “Con” Batchelor died in 1957

Over the next couple of years that the Wyrick family lived in the house they lived with the two men ghosts. Everything seem to be fine until Lisa got pregnant with Heidi’s little sister in 1993 and than an new very evil presence start to terrorized the family. Which cause Heidi demeanor to change and she had visible scratches on her face.

The parents did not think much of Heidi’s injuries until they themselves started having the same scratches on their bodies while they were sleeping.

The family eventually moved out of the house and Heidi is now a grown up but hasn’t seen either of the two ghosts that followed her while she was living in the house. There is no reason why maybe since she wasn’t a child anymore she grew out of the six sense of seeing ghosts.

Here is a youtube video about a little more background about the haunting of the Wyrick family while they were living in the house. Via Scary Mysteries youtube channel:

Their is a also a book about Heidi and her experience. I will link it below:

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Source: Youtube. unsolved mysteries wiki, amazon

Welcome to the Insta-hood: @thevanishedpodcast!

This week I interview one of my favorite podcasts: @thevanishedpodcast !

  1. What is the Vanished Podcast?

“The Vanished is a podcast about people who have gone missing. We try to focus on cases that have not garnered much media attention. We think that every story deserves to be heard, not just a select few that make national headlines.”

2. What made you want to start a podcast like this? 

“I have my own family mystery. My great-grandfather disappeared when my grandfather was a young child. It completely changed the trajectory of my grandfather’s life. He went into foster care and had some really negative experiences. I grew up hearing about this family mystery, which made me very interested in missing persons cases. I tried digging into it myself to find any trace of him. I never did. I even submitted my DNA to find relatives. The rumor was that he went out west to start a new life. I was looking to see if he had more children. I eventually decided that I was not making any progress with my case, and my energy could be spent elsewhere. What could I do to help others? That was when the idea for the podcast was born.”

3.Can you talk a little bit about your patreon? 

“We have a Patreon, but we only release episodes early and ad-free. Since our cases are unsolved, we don’t want to put any of them behind a paywall. We want as many people to hear them as possible. So, our Patrons get our episodes ad-free on Friday. Our main release day is Monday.”

Here is the link if you would like to join the Patreon:

4. How can someone submit a case to you for your podcast?

“We have a case submission form. It helps us keep all of the submissions organized in a spreadsheet. Here is a link:

5.  Are there any particular missing cases you discuss on your podcasts that left a memorable impression? What made them so memorable for you?

“Yes, every story sticks with me for any number of reasons. The cases in which we create a series seem to stick with us the most. One example would be Ian Eckles. We covered Ian in a 3-part series in 2021. Ian seemed to have a larger-than-life personality and was loved by so many. You can’t help but wish you had a chance to meet him when you hear his loved ones discuss him. Ian went on a hunting trip in 2020. What I think sticks with me so much about what happened to Ian is that it was completely random. It is the kind of crime that haunts us all the most because of that randomness. There were no warning signs to look for, it was simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is believed that Ian was likely sleeping in his vehicle before a planned early morning hunt with a friend when he was attacked by a complete stranger. There is physical evidence to support this, like brain matter inside the vehicle. But Ian disappeared along with his vehicle. His friends and family went to the mountains to search for him, thinking he was lost or in an accident. At one point, they were riding on a mountain road when Ian’s vehicle came around the corner at them, but it was not Ian behind the wheel. They have a brief altercation with the man and try to chase him down. Law enforcement searched in the woods for this man and Ian’s vehicle. They found the vehicle and another stolen vehicle belonging to a woman who had been found dead weeks prior. Now, they knew that they had someone very dangerous on the loose. It sparked a huge manhunt in the area that lasted for weeks. Residents had to be evacuated from the area. They did capture the man, Jorge Alcantara-Gonzalez, who is currently incarcerated. Ian is still missing, and his loved ones are still searching to find him.”

6.What steps do you take in order to prepare for an upcoming podcast? 

“We talk to friends, family, and request interviews with law enforcement. We also send in record requests for each case. Sometimes we are lucky enough to get large case files. Those are the cases that we can make into a series. We also dig through newspaper archives, and those can be especially helpful with very cold cases from decades ago.

This week, we covered Cynthia Constantine, who disappeared in 1969. She has one living relative, her brother, William. That made it difficult for us, but we found articles in newspaper archives that allowed us to give her mother a voice. “

7. Do you have any news or events that you would like to share?

“We don’t have any events coming up. I am actually moving from Pennsylvania to North Carolina this month. That has limited my ability to participate in any events this summer.

One big thing that I would like to share is a case that we covered earlier this year. Teresa Kennedy and her young daughter, Bethany Tiner, disappeared in 1997. We put extensive work into this case, and what we learned led us to believe that they had left and gone into hiding. Teresa believed that Bethany was being abused by her father. Speaking with family members, there were many alleged victims of this man across multiple generations. We handed over our evidence to law enforcement, and he was charged. Weeks after the podcast aired, Teresa and Bethany were found alive. They had gone into hiding under new identities. Covering that case and seeing the outcome has been an emotional roller coaster for us who work on the show. We can only imagine what it must be like for the family. We recently did an update on this case and hope to do more in the future.”

If you would like to learn more about this podcast. Here is the main website:

My name is Clarissa: a summer fatigue saga

Hello my name is Clarissa and I am suffering from summer fatigue. With a full work load at work and home it makes it hard to relax. Even though summer is my second favorite season the heat and humidity has absorbed all of my good thoughts and vibes about the season. If I’m not sweating at work I am sweating at home. I am not a normally sweaty person but if you saw me you would find that hard to believe.

My body is screaming at me to sit down and relax. Read, watch a movie, work on a puzzle. Take a break from your hamster wheel so I decided to finally listen to my over work mind and body. And take a couple of days off this month. Hopefully my body and mind will thank me.

Please listen to your body and mind. You are not a robot. Or tied down by hundreds of troll dolls….

Movie of the Day: Mother (1996)

It’s no surprise that I am writing about this movie. When I was growing up I was such a films of all of Albert Brooks movies that I deemed myself a mini Albert Brooks. This one probably my second favorite movie that he made. The first being Defending your Life (1991) because I think I have watched it close to 50 times. Mother was made in 1996 and it stars of course Albert Brooks, Rob Morrow and playing the role of their mother is Debbie Reynolds.

I think I enjoy this movie so much because the way that Debbie Reynolds embraces this role reminds me so much about my own mother.

Albert Brooks, and Debbie Reynolds

Albert Brooks plays a character named John Henderson. A twice divorce (as his mother likes to point out to random strangers) writer who experience extreme writers block when trying to write his new novel. After he comes put from his divorce lawyer’s office to his newly emptied house (his ex wife owned all of the furniture in their home.) He comes to terms that he must go back to his youth in order to figure his current personal issues and his reason for his writers block.

Albert Brooks, and Debbie Reynolds

So he decides to temporarily move into his childhood home that his mother still lives in. He basically reroutes her life by putting back his bedroom from when he was in high school. And sticks with her during her daily errands and tries to reconnect with her in order to figure out his certain behavior patterns. And he also hopes to breaks his writers block.

Throughout the whole experience of what John considers to be an “experiment.” Not only does he figures out why he has certain patterns but he creates a new bond with his mother. He also helps his mother rekindle a lost passion that she kept buried in her closets for decades. There is a lot of positive and funny scenes in this movie. My favorite part is when they go shopping together. Here is a small clip:

A fun fact about this movie: Albert Brooks first reached out to Nancy Reagan about playing the role of his mother. However she declined because her husband had Alzheimer’s disease and did not want to leave his side for long periods of time.

Do you have a favorite Albert Brooks movie? If so comment below!!


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My top five Criterion Collection wants!

Barnes and Noble is having their annual 50% off Criterion Collection sale this month. So if you are buying some great movies from the Criterion Collection during the sale or anytime. Then here are my top five recommendations. Especially if you want to buy something that is different from your regular buying pattern or are on the fence about what to buy during the sale:

Devil in the Blue Dress (1995) (Spine #1135) directed by Carl Franklin. Starring Denzel Washington, and Jennifer Beals. I remember watching this movie for the first time when I was 15 and I consider this to be my first film noir movie that I watched. I tend to re-watch this movie every couple of years because I tend to pick up on things I didn’t notice before.

Link to buy is here:

Shaft (1971) (Spine # 1130) directed by Gordon Parks and starring Richard Roudtree, Moses Gunn, and Gwen Mitchell. This would be a blind buy for me. It has been on my to watch list forever and as slow as I am to actively look at my list. With this sale it will give me momentum to finally get around to watching this movie.

Link to buy is here:

Pink Flamingoes directed by John Waters (1972) (spine #1131) Starring Divine, Mink Stole and the rest of the Dreamlanders 🙂 I do not think I have to go into much detail about this recommendation. One of my all time favorite movies. This particular version comes complete with it’s own barf bag.

Link to buy is here:

World of Wong Kar Wai: the movies of Wong Kar Wai. Director Wong Kar Wai movies takes into a super dreamy and ultra rich color world. His characters in his movies are filled with heavy emotions, and are lost and longing in their emotions which draws you into his world. Here is a video that explains some of Wong Kar Wai themes in his movies:

Link to buy is here:

Fast Times at Ridgemont High directed by Amy Heckerling. (1982) (Spine # 1075) Starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Phobe Cates, Judge Reinhold. Amy Heckerling is one of my favorite directors and this movie has a stellar cast. If you just want to escape and watch something funny then I totally recommend this movie.

Link to buy is here:

What is on your to buy list during the sale? Comment below!!!

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Source: YouTube, The criterion collection, and Barnes and Noble

Midway summer check in point….

Hello everyone!

With summer being halfway done. I decided to check in with everyone to see how they are doing. I skipped summer vacation this time for going back to school. I read five books, listened to 10 audiobooks and listened to 50 podcasts so far. I just wanted to gently remind everyone to make sure you take mental breaks and even talk a day, a span of an afternoon or vacation. You are not a robot and being burn out is definitely a thing. Take care of yourself and others.

Great Small Businesses: @misshavishamcuriosities !

This week I interviewed: @misshavishamcuriosities!

  1. Tell me a little bit about your business:

“One half of my business is customizing vintage china with modern day sentiments. The other half is made up of new pieces that we design ourselves start to finish. We take our inspiration from the past, so even our new pieces feel vintage.

Our new cups are all made from a vegan china that replicates the look and feel of traditional bone china but without the use of animal bone. So whether you are a collector of fine antiques or you want dishwasher safe china for everyday use, we have something snarky for you.”

2. What are the top 3 selling products in your store and why do you think they are so popular?

“Our insult cups are what put us on the map. They’ve been showcased by Bust Magazine, Boing Boing, House Beautiful and are the official teacups of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s Tea4Tuesday segments. Our memento mori vases and stash boxes are also wildly popular. I think people love the juxtaposition between the high brow china and the low brow sentiments we add to each of them.”

3.  I see you are working on your memoir: What inspired you to start one and what when is it coming out?

“Gosh, I wish I knew when it will be finished. I’ve been hacking away at it forever, even before I started my teacup business. I started it because I grew up in Youngstown Ohio which is a very complicated place with a sad history. The town itself is being erased in a lot of ways. Rather than trying to maintain the more blighted sections of the city, the mayor elected to let forest takeover. There are whole parts of town that I knew that are now just giant walls of trees. My high school, elementary school, the hospital I was born in, my grandparents house…all those places have been torn down and replaced with nature. Because it’s a memoir, the process has been an emotional roller coaster. I take long breaks from even thinking about it and then suddenly I’ll write two chapters in a week. I’ve also been distracted with a few other projects so as much as I’d like to have a finish line in my future, I don’t. “

4. What movies and/or books have left a memorable mark on you in regards to creating your products?

“Well, Great Expectations obviously. I love the character of Miss Havisham. I think all the women in my family have a little Havisham in them. I’m descended from a long line of antique obsessed women and most of them wore their frustrations like Ms. Havisham wore her wedding dress. I also love the notion of elegant decay. I also love a good grudge.”

5. Is there any exciting news or events that you would like to share ?

“We’ll be releasing brand new cups in October and I have to say, these are the most decadent cups we’ve ever made. We’re also working on a décor book and a super secret Airbnb project that we cannot wait to reveal to you. If you’d like to say hi in person, we’ll be vending at the Oddities Flea Markets in both Los Angeles and New York later this year.”

If you would like to learn more about this business. The following contact information is below:


Instagram: @misshavishamscurisities