Adriano Celentano- Prisencolinensinainciusol

Adriano Celectano is one of my favorite Italian singers and in 1972 he released a song called Prisencolinensinainciusol. He wanted to make a song that sounded like he was singing in English but in actuality it just a bunch of random mesh of words that sound like something but it’s actually not. The only lyric that is in English is the the pharse: “All right!”

I know it sounds a bit confusing but Celentano main goal of the song to to create a song that sounds good while removing the language barrier. While placing the listeners of the song like what if they were spoken to in a language that they didn’t understand? What would it sound like to them? He was influence by a lot of American music, musicians and slang terms growing up and he wanted to create a song that reflected that. Here is a link of the video below:

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Greenwich LetterPress: We <3 You!!! A shopper's guide!

I found out about Greenwich letter press when I was looking for a funny card I wanted to send someone. I didn’t want anything too serious or long. I definitely wanted something different then the normal cards I have been mailing out.

(link to buy the card above is here: )

So I was randomly looking at my explorer’s page on instagram when I came across a card that I thought was super cute and decided to explore there instagram page and been an avid customer ever since. I thought to share some great items currently in stock on their online store:

Glowing Chard Green Hair Clip: I actually order this for myself because I enjoy things that look like fake food that is not food. For example this hair clip! Clip made by Centinelle

Link to buy is here:

They also sell these cute array of Peanut Pennants this is one is my favorite one of the bunch. Nothing is more inviting in an office or a room that anything Peanut related.

Link is here:

Otherland candles: I am quite the candle connoisseur and enjoy trying different brands and different scents. And this brands has a very unique array of scents.

Link to buy is here:

This pineapple is a LAMP! so cool that you can get a sense of summer all year round in your space. The LED light is included with the pineapple.

Link to buy is here:

KooKoo Kids Alarm clock: this kids alarms is super adorable and comes with tiny animals that you can switch the top with the different animals. Then with whatever animal you pick for the top it will sound 3 times in that animal noise when you set the alarm.

Link is here to buy:

Honestly anything from this amazing store is a winner. From there amazing selection of cards to their quirky stickers and beautiful stationary.

Link is here to shop online.

All orders over $50 dollars get free US shipping!!!

Artist’s Spotlight: @sentientmuppetfactory !

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing @sentientmuppetfactory !

1. Tell me a little about yourself.

“My name’s Beth Frey. I’m a visual artist based between Montreal and Mexico City. Normally my practice is made up of weird watercolours, which I then integrate into weirder videos, face-swapping with my own images so that I can become a bit of a disjointed cartoon character. Like a lot of people, I became addicted to DALL-E this past fall and began sentientmuppetfactory as a way to play around with images without inundating my regular art account with too many AI-generated images.”

2. How did you come up with the name of Sentient Muppet Factory?

“Honestly, I came up with it on the spot without a lot of thought, not realizing it was going to be anything more than a personal side project to share with friends. I’ve been interested in the muppets and puppets as a metaphor for technology after listening to a Laurie Anderson talk, and was inspired by her song The Puppet Motel, which I referenced in a recent art exhibition. I think a lot of people take the name literally, but I’ve never used the word muppet as a prompt in my AI art, and my goal is not to mimic them. I do think, however, that these images exist in that same universe of the wacky variety shows from the 1970s and 80s. Now that the account has become much larger than anticipated, I’m considering changing its name, as I don’t want to run into trouble with the Disney corporation.”

3. Who are 3 pop culture icons that inspired your art and why?

“As far as the sentientmuppetfactory project is concerned (the influences for my primary art practice would be a different list), I pull a lot from old films, both popular and foreign auteur cinema. I think in that regard, John Waters is an influence. His campy characters are sort of hyperreal, and I am a fan of low-budget aesthetics in make-up and props. It should be no surprise that the Muppet Show is an influence, even if I’m not directly referencing it. This was probably the only television show we were allowed to watch as kids and I’ve always been sort of fascinated by how the puppets interact with the glamorous stars of its era. Another favourite of mine is Isabella Rossellini’s web series Green Porno, where she dresses up in homemade costumes to demonstrate the reproductive tendencies of various animals. The videos are funny and shocking and educational, and I appreciate how Rossellini doesn’t take herself too seriously and crosses over into the absurd.”

4. What was the first art piece you remember creating? What was it?

“My mom got this kit where we could draw on a sheet of paper and then turn it into a melamine plate. I think I remember it because that’s one of the only drawings that I still have access to. I was about five years old and I drew myself with enormous eyes and nose that didn’t fit on my face, and a head that was apparently rolling off my shoulders (I didn’t yet understand the concept of a neck). “

5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“Right now everything is pretty exciting! The sentientmuppetfactory project is still brand new and it’s only recently exploded so I’m just taking it all in. One thing I appreciate about this experience is that it’s connected me to a lot of artists: filmmakers and puppeteers and make-up artists, among others, and I’m exploring ways to turn these images into something “real”, with actual people moving and interacting. I’d like to use AI in a way that is not the “death of art” but rather a way to connect artists and collaborate on something beautiful and fun.

Apart from that, I’ve got art shows and residencies coming up in the next year for my “main” practice. I’m working on an evolving video installation that will be in Stewart Hall Gallery in Montreal in May and June 2023 and it’s been a fun process putting all the parts together for that.”

If you would like more information. The following contact info is below:

Instagram: @sentientmuppetfactory


Movie of the Day: Crossing Delancey (1988)

I am a huge fan of Turner Classic Movies. I especially enjoy finding movies from the 1980’s on that channel that I have never watched. Over a decade ago I was open the TCM app and was browsing through the library of movies that were available to watch. When I came across this movie:

Crossing Delancey (1988) directed by Joan Micklin Silver and starring Amy Irving, Peter Riegert and Reizel Bozyk. It is about a grandmother’s quest of getting a matchmaker to match her favorite granddaughter with the man of her dreams.

However the granddaughter named Izzie who is played by Amy Irving does not feel the need to be matched up. She feels like her life is complete with her career working at a bookstore. She is in charge of booking famous authors to do book signings at the store and has a crush on an author who comes to the store.

Her Bubbie makes her meet up with the matchmaker played by the amazing Sylvia Miles:

And the matchmaker feels like the love that Izzie has been waiting for is…..

The owner of a pickle store played by Peter Riegert. Izzie absolutely disagrees with the match matcher. However it takes a little bit of twists and turns but in the end love conquers and win.

A fun fact about this movie: Amy Irving and Peter Riegert were in both in the movie traffic (2000)

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welcome to the insta-hood: @ghostly.archive!

This week I interview an amazing ig account: @ghostly.archive

  1.  Tell me a little about yourself .

“I just moved to Los Angeles from Washington DC after graduating from the University of Maryland (UMD) in their MLIS program (Masters in Library and Information Science). My focus in their program was digital archives. I grew up in the DC area and always wanted to work in a library and this program started when doing a career change to study library science. It was there that I took a class on social media networks with Professor Jen Golbeck. The capstone project of the class was essentially to use network theory and make a piece of content go viral on a platform. While taking this class in summer 2021 I also had the challenge of needing to do a library or archives internship. I was working full time at UMD and needed something flexible, which is how I ended up interning at Congressional Cemetery as their digital archives intern. I essentially worked to create online exhibitions about their different residents in a Google Arts & Culture page.”

2. What made you interested in making food from recipes found on tombstone?

“This was how I started on #cemeterytiktok. My professor recommended I make a tiktok about the cemetery experience, so I started posting everyday about the things I learned. The cemetery’s archivist Dayle was full of stories and taught me a lot about the death industry and the unusual ways Congressional stayed connected to its local community (they have a very famous dog program as well as tours, movie nights, book clubs, and educational events). 

3. What was the first recipe you made from a recipe from on a tombstone?

“Since I had to post everyday I started looking at other cemeteries and making tiktoks about interesting graves I heard about. I loved old graves but the modern ones are especially interesting since people choose to be memorialized in so many different ways. This is how I first heard about Naomi Odessa Miller-Dawson’s grave. Atlas Obscura, a wonderful source on cemeteries in general, had a great post about the grave when I was looking for grave stories. Naomi’s grave is like an open cookbook with the ingredients for her spritz cookies in a cemetery in Brooklyn.

When I saw a photo of the grave I wanted to try the recipe for myself. I’d started learning how to cook during the pandemic and thought it would be interesting to try it. There weren’t any instructions so I made them completely wrong, but still when I posted it things kind of exploded (in a good way). I got so many questions about the grave, tips for how to make it right, or people commenting with what they’d put on their own gravestone. While looking into more about Naomi I stumbled across other recipe gravestones on Google, which pretty much solidified this new mission to find as many as I could.”

4. What was your favorite recipe you made and why ? What was the least favorite and why?

“At this point I’ve now found 17 recipes and think there could be even more out there. My favorite still might be Naomi’s just because it’s the cookie that started it all, and it’s really a wonderful recipe! I probably most often make the snickerdoodle cookies of Annabell Gunderson, buried in California, just because they’re a crowd pleaser with my family and make a lot of cookies. The recipe I’ve been requested the most to bring to gatherings might be Ida Kleinman’s jam nut roll recipe, from the grave of a woman in Israel. Honestly I haven’t tried a bad one yet; if they don’t work out the first few times it’s always because I’m still a new baker.”

5.  What state you have travel to have the most recipes on tombstones? Why do you think that state has so many?

“My goal is to visit all of the recipe gravestones and ideally meet with family members to cook them. A few of us have chatted online but there’s nothing like cooking and sharing memories in a kitchen. I think the hardest gravestones to visit are going to be the ones in Nome, Alaska and the two in Israel. Currently I’ve visited the two in New York, one in Logan, UT, and one in Washington State. So far the state with the most recipes have just been two: New York has spritz cookies and date and nut bread, Iowa has Christmas cookies and cheese dip, California has a carrot cake and snickerdoodles, and Arkansas actually has two sugar cookie recipes (one even of a woman who’s still alive). 

It’s hard to call this a trend. None of the families I’ve talked to seemed aware there were others out there. The women (all the graves in the US have been woman) all seemed to be known for these particular recipes at gatherings so it just made sense. When I talked to the woman in Arkansas, Peggy Neal, who’s still alive, about why she decided to include a recipe on her gravestone, she said it’s because people loved her cookies and she still gets requests for them. During the pandemic her granddaughter even called her up to learn how to make them, creating a special memory for them while separated in quarantine. 

If anything I guess the trend is that people are thinking about their own legacies in a new way and getting creative with how they want to be remembered. Pretty much anything goes for what you want memorialized on your gravestone. Recipes seems extra special since making and eating the food a loved one made during their lifetime connects to all the senses – you can smell and taste the cookie, remember telling stories while biting into a slice of cake, and fully remember a person with all your senses.”

If you like to learn more. The following contact information is below:

Instagram: @ghostly.archive

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A Winter reading list!

No surprise that I would also add a couple of must read books for the upcoming winder season. Also if you want to get someone a gift and have no idea on what to get them then this is a interesting direction to go towards.

All of the links in this blog today is from a great book store and fantastic small business called Atomic Books! They always have the most interesting curated selection of books to buy.

Demin and Leather: The Rise and Fall of The New Wave of British Heavy Metal by Michael Hann: so many great bands like Def Leppard, Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin was part of this new wave of British heavy metal and we are so grateful for it!

Link to buy is here:

Bad Sex: Truth, Pleasure, and an Unfinished Revolution by Nona Willis Aronowitz. Written by Nona Willis Aronowitz who is a sex and love columnist for Teen Vogue. Was at standstill point in her life which made her question a lot of things that revolved love, sex and marriage.

Link to buy is here:

Punk Paradox: A memoir by Greg Graffin. Greg Graffin from Bad Religion writing about his early days in forming the band? YES PLEASE!!!

Link to buy is here:

Death for Dinner: 50 Gorey-Good, Plant Based Drinks, meals and Munchies Inspired by your favorite Horror Films by Zach Neil. No surprise I am not much of a cook however this book alone might make me force myself in starting to make meals. It is also a good dinner table conversation saying that this meal you are eating was inspired by Carrie White.

Link to buy is here:

All this could be Yours by Jami Attenberg: Everybody has the one family member they all gossip about. This book one just one family member but the entire family that is worth gossiping about.

Link to buy is here:

If you would to take a look at Atomic Books. Here is there website:

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Clarissa Sings: Songs I sing out loud in the car!

Are you ever in your car and you turn on your music on shuffle mode and find yourself cranking up a particular song(s) and start singing very loudly to it? Well I do! Here are ten songs I crank up the volume for while driving:

Stand Back- Stevie Nicks- The intro to this song allows time for me to crank up the volume. This song has a great beat to it while driving.

Cameo- Candy: this song has a great drumming and guitar solo. It just makes you happy when you are driving around doing errands or going to work.

The Donnas- take it off: This was one of my favorite songs in high school and it is a powerhouse of a song.

Prince- Computer Blue: It’s no surprise that Prince is on this list. I love everything about this song, and it’s such a great song to drive to with the windows down!

Tears for Fears- Shout: what better song to listen to while stuck in traffic on the highway??

Lil’ Kim featuring Lil’ Cease: one of my favorite songs! Also who is excited about Lil’ Kim book coming out in 2024 but hopefully sooner!!!!

Good Morning Baltimore- Hairspray: This song just makes me incredibility happy when I listen it. Plus anything John Waters related I am 100% for!

Billy Squier- My kind of lover: I didn’t know about Billy Squier until I watched a show called Red Oaks. This was the first song of his I ever heard and became immediately hook with this and many other of his songs.

They Don’t Know about Us- Tracey Ullman- One of my forever icons Tracey Ullman also was a singer, and this song is perfection when I am driving to work.

Bay City Rollers- Saturday Night: because S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT!

These are just a tiny amount of songs that I belt out when driving. What songs do you blast out of your car? Comment below!!!!

The lady.cult holiday gift idea giving guide: 2022!

Hello all! Welcome to the 2022 holiday gift idea giving guide!!! I will be discussing some fantastic small businesses! Please keep in mind there shipping deadlines when ordering to make sure you get it by the holidays. 🙂

Here we go!!

: Always Fits

Always Fits has always been one of my favorite online places to shop. They have so many unique and special items that I always end up finding something very interesting to gift a friend. Like this book: The Golden Girls: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. But honestly anything from this store would be a hit. Here are some shipping deadlines for this store: for free shipping (you must spend $99 dollars to qualify!) it is 5-7 business days and the order cutoff date for that is December 12,2022. For standard shipping (anything under $99 dollars) it is 5-7 business days and the cut off date is still December 12, 2022. For 3-4 business day the cut off order date is December 14, 2022. And for 2-day shipping (2 business days) the cut off date is December 18, 2022.

Also they are having a discount code when you spend $50 you get $10 dollars off with code: BFCM22 Offer ends on November 28th!!!

Link to purchase this book is here:

Greenwich Letterpress:

This is my other favorite online store. I order a banner from them every season because I feel like there is always something to celebrate. However I was browsing there online store and this pouch made me do a double take. Made by @officialSeanPenn this pouch is a definite must buy!

Link to buy is here:

Bo Barra: Bo Barra is a new upcoming jewelry business.

“MORPHIO: The Invasion Necklace

The MORPHIO collection is inspired by Animorphs, and this necklace in particular is inspired by the first book in the series. It’s handmade using rare vintage Japanese glass sugar beads, a vintage Japanese handblown glass slug, freshwater pearls, and a glass butterfly, with sterling silver hardware. It’s a very limited edition, 1/2, so get this stunner while it’s still here! Treat yourself here:

MORPHIO: Snail Morph Heart Necklace

Got a favourite animal, or an animal lover in your life? Now you can choose from 15 different iridescent animal heart pendants that are handmade in the 1970s! Pictured here is the snail morph, looking rather adorable, if I say so myself! Each pendant changes colour from pink to blue to green as you move it, and comes on a very 90s style sterling silver ball chain necklace. These are rare vintage, so when they’re gone, they’re gone! 

Choose your fave here:

MORPHIO: The Encounter Earrings Set 2

Cute earrings alert! These beauties are inspired by Animorphs: The Encounter, and are handmade with sterling silver, vintage Japanese glass beads and Czech glass. As with all my pieces, they are limited edition due to the nature of my vintage materials. Get your gorgeous dangles here:

The store is currently offering a 40% off everything sale until 11/27. Use code Cyber40 during the checkout process!

This store provides free shipping from Montreal and uses Canada postage. Depending on where you are it took take up to 7 business days to get your order. If you want something by the holidays she recommends ordering by December 12, 2022. If you need it sooner you are able to upgrade for faster shipping (at a cost).

Ashley Chafin: Ashley is an amazing artist, and she makes cards out of some of her art. Like Mikey Walsh one! If you want to order her cards you must place it by December 19th. She ships it out of LA!

Link to buy is here:

Erin A Ellis: Erin A. Ellis is an artist with a cute store. Do you have a beloved pet? Would you like to see a portrait of your pet on an ornament? I would! She can do one for you.

Pet Portrait Ornament info link is here:

She also makes cards. Link to her esty store is here:

Shipping deadlines for her store: USPS First Class Shipping by December 19,2022.

Gift Horse Nashville: Gift Horse Nashville is a super cute store. I found out about them when I wanted to buy a card in the shape of a gumball machine!

But if you are into adorable tea towels. May I recommend is Hot dog and tea towel.

Also if you put in code RETROCULT20 during checkout you will received a 20 % off discount!! I am totally planning to use it myself!!

RJ City: When RJ City and Rootless Coffee Co. decided to join forces together. A special blend of coffee called Hi, Anxiety was created. Free shipping when you spend $50 or more!

Link to buy is here:


“Welcome to my shop Bibliomancer , I deal in rare, collectable & finely
curated  books, comics & ephemera.
You can find me here: @Bibliomancer Since I deal in collectables there is usually only one of what is
being sold, so the best thing is to browse my selection, I have everything from collectible Sc-fi, vintage horror paperbacks, vintage
magazines, vintage  classic  literature, tons of non-fiction books, rare art books and just about every type of comic book you can think of! I also have shirts of my shop logo  available, designed by the great comic artist Troy Nixey. You can message me directly for sales or comment on the post to be the first to claim the item you want. I usually ship media mail or I can USPS priority  for extra changes, so keeping that in mind there is no other Holiday shipping cut off time. Thank you very much &  I look forward to finding you the perfect book or comic!”- @astraleyez

LowBrowAntics: Makes earrings, small accessories and home goods with a cult film flair. She has made pieces that were inspired from such movies as A Clockwork Orange, and Suspiria. However she said that this year she has notice the popularity of the movie “The Truman Show.”

Link for the pin are here:

Link to here shop is here:

Darling Marcelle: This store had me at skunk earrings! I do enjoy a good jewel piece that either has a unique store or a unique thing and this store hits all the marks.

Link to buy is here:

Screambox: What better gift to give then the gift of watching horror movies all day long! For me that would be the best gift ever! With a highly curated roster of movies, tv shows and documentaries this subscription channel will definitely keep you entertained.

Link for more info is here:

I would like to thank all of the small businesses that participated in this year’s holiday idea gift giving guide. It is so important to show your support to your favor small business! Do you have a favorite small business? comment and link them below!

TSFU: That’s So F*cked Up, a podcast about CULTS, murder and other generally f*cked up stuff has a ton of true crime themed merch that isn’t podcast branded! So if you’re not a listener of the podcast (yet), you can still find some super cute and cozy true crime gifts for yourself or a loved one at Like this super cute sweatshirt!! Use code: LADYCULT for 10% off any purchase until 12/31/2022!

Here are the shipping deadlines for the store:

Comfy Jr: Better known on Instagram as @paperbackparadise is one of my favorite IG accounts. There business Comfy Jr primarily consists of amazingness art like these postcards.

” All of these postcards come from my page @PaperbackParadise on instagram – the world’s number one used book store. Each postcard has a short synopsis on the back, along with space to write a message and your friend’s address – yes they can be mailed!” Shipping deadlines for the store: Please placed your orders before December 15!

link to buy the 3rd latest volume (pictured above) is here:

FUN CULT: Fun Cult by Caitlin Holcomb has the most sparkly fantastic fringe banners ever to roam this planet!

this fringe banner with the stars is a good one to keep up during the holidays or the rest of winter. Shipping deadlines for the store for any pre-order items the deadline is Sunday December 11, 2022 and for in stock items the shipping deadline is December 18.

Link to buy the banner is here:

Submissions open for holiday gift giving guide!

Hello small businesses!

If you would like to be part of this year holiday gift giving guide. This is the following information I need:

1. The name of your business and link of your store.

2. One item from your store that would you like to talk about and the link for the item. One picture of the item.

3. Any holiday shipping deadlines.

4. Email all the info to with the subject (small business name) holiday gift giving guide item.

5. Everything is due by November 22, 2022!

Thank you!!