Lady.Cult’s Holiday Gift Guide: 2019!

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Lady.cult Holiday Gift Guide 2019! All of these items are from small and amazing businesses. So please check out there social media accounts and items that they made or curated



Misterbnation makes some pretty awesome things such as this fun pin. I am such a fan of Divine and John Waters and I know a lot of other people are too. So for that special someone or that person that has a scrooge mindset during the holiday season then this pin is a definite must!

Link to buy is below:




Souvenir Jewelry        has amazing jewelry and I am a fan of any kind of jewelry that is unique fun and long lasting. So when they recently made a collection called “Smell the Magic”  and I saw these earrings I knew I had to add these to the holiday gift guide!



Link to buy is below:


Spoiled Rotten Fly Stud Earrings



House of Mysterious Secrets    sells some pretty awesome stuff and if you are ever in a tight spot in buying a little gift for someone then may I suggest these horror air fresheners?


It is a unique gift and I am pretty sure that it is something they don’t have.


Link to buy is below:

Air Freshener


Kitschculturecanada  makes very special items. They have such a fun and creative way of mixing the TV shows I used watch growing up with items for your home. So when I was browsing through their site recently and came across this spectacular Golden Girls Christmas tree topper my jaw literally dropped!


Link to buy is below:

Golden Girls Christmas Tree Topper

It is no surprise or hidden secret that I love horror movies. I also have a soft spot for Christmas horror movies. So when Cavity Colors did a recent release of a sweater of the movie Silent Night, Deadly Night. I immediately pre-order it. I made it even more festive by picking out the forest green color.


Link to buy is below:

Silent Night, Deadly Night Sweater


Billy Lilly Universe is an amazing duo that creates some great art. They even make art you can wear like this Gizmo riding a convertible t- shirt:


Link is below to buy:

Gizmo Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

PGBloodhouse runs a bookstore on Esty and has the most interesting assortment of books. As a book lover I have been a frequent buyer from his bookstore. So if you have the book lover on your list why not grab from the shop. I am pretty sure you spend time just browsing through the site looking through some interesting titles!


Link to the bookstore is below:

PG BloodHouse


Recently I came across a site called Always Fits where they sell really cute and kitsh items like The Golden Girls Hot Sauces and a stick of butter Ornament. They don’t sell clothing or something that requires needing to  get an actual size of what a person wears. Hence the name “Always Fits.” A lot of things on their site caught my attention and I thought were pretty cool like this Bob Ross Self Painting Color Changing Mug:

bob_ross_mug (1)

Link to buy is below:

Bob Ross Self-Painting Color Changing Mug


Martin Ontiveros is an amazing artist who creates badass art. His art is colorful and strong. His store also has the option of getting his art in prints like this one below:


Link to buy is below:


Happy Shopping everyone! what is on your shopping list?


Until next time!





Five books I want to read!

Hello I thought I would do this post a little differently and pick five reads I have on my wish list or in my to read pile!:

  1. california-infernal-bookA very odd pairing but Jayne Mansfield and Anton LaVey met in 1966 and created a friendship perhaps this book gives us a better understanding of their bond.
  2. $_32 Frances Glessner Lee is often referred to as the “mother of forensic science” because between 1940-1950 she constructed these dollhouse dioramas of actual crime scenes to teach budding crime scene investigations.
  3. paperbacks-from-hell– A fantastic resource of everything about horror paperbacks of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Plus it has  a lot of visual of the awesome cover art!
  4.   butchering-art-lindsey-fitzharrisI have always been curious about the Victorian era and how medical procedures where doing during that era. During this era, doctors were notorious for digging up cadavers for studying and practicing procedures to then use on the living!
  5. apparitionists (1) William Mumler was a photographer who claim to be able to capture spirits and ghost in photographs. I am interested in learning how he more about how he came up with this and who he was able to fool.

Top five reads for September!

Hello all here are my top five picks for September! (ps: near the end of the month I will make a separate list for Banned Books Weeks. One of my favorite weeks EVER!)


  1. Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice ( 1976)- I first read this book when I was in third grade after the movie with the same title came out. Needless to say I had a huge obsession with Vampires. I like to revisit Rice’s vampire Chronicles every couple of years or so. The romance of her words mixed in with the Gothic theme is a great read for this month.interview vampire 1977
  2.   The Island of Doctor Moreau by H.G. Wells (1896)- Edward Prendick gets shipwreck and maroon on an island that happens to be inhabited by half man/ half beasts run by the evil  but cunning Dr. Moreau.moreau12
  3. Cujo by Stephen King (1981)- after I finished reading the book about the history of rabies this book popped up on my mind to read next. A sweet dog is transformed into a savage killer when it gets bitten by a rabid bat and turns against his family,940451
  4. The Notebooks by Jean-Michel Basquiat  Edited Larry Warsh (2015)-  Jean- Michel Basquiat is one of my favorite artists. This book has a journal cover to replicate Basquiat’s actual notebooks and is jammed packed with his writings, thoughts, and of course drawings, and resurrects the life of this genius troubled artist.61jy62nqOSL
  5. We Have always lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackon (1962)- this was Shirley Jackson’s last novel before her death in 1965. It centers around eighteen year old Mary Katherine Blackwood, her sister, and their uncle that live in an estate in Vermont. A tragic event happen six years prior from when we meet the central characters which cause the Blackwood family to be isolated from the rest of the residents of the town as well the the town’s endless gossip. 15731262



Until next time!

Top reads for July!

Here is my top five book picks for the month of July:

  1. New Deal Photography USA is 608 pages of gorgeous photography (although I wish Taschen made this book bigger to show off the photography!) during the FSA  era of the United States.  The Farm Security Administration was well known for their photography program that showed rural poverty during 1935-1943.
  2. new_deal_photography_usa_30s_bu_int_3d_05502_1604251727_id_1023767
  3. the-radium-girls-9781471147579_hr
  4. The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of American’s Shining Girls by Kate Moore- True story about women who got radiation poisoning by painting radio dials paint that would glow in the dark.
  5. 9780143123576_custom-82b537cdff28cd6f8be425ed3a0367a408fa5e5c-s400-c85  Rabid: A Cultural History of the World’s most Diabolical Virus- a very interesting and in depth history of rabies. I did know a lot about one of the world’s most deadly viruses but after reading this insightful book it gave me a better perspective of this virus. Everything about rabies is discussed from myths of how it originated to trial and errors to figure out treatment for it.
  6. The_Outsiders_Book_Cover_2 The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton- in my continuing quest to read every book on the Frequently banned & challenged list I decided to give this book another try. I haven’t read this book since 9th grade summer school. I remember that that first time I read it it was my least favorite book I had to read for a class. Although I found it much more interesting the second time around.
  7. TheShiningThe Shining by Stephen King- classic reading. I have never been a reader of King’s books but I decided this was a good start!


Until Next  time everyone!

Book Worm

Hello here are my five must reads for the month of May!


  1. During the year 1968 five groundbreaking movies were in a competition for Best Picture. Although this is a very thick book I couldn’t put it down!25_kubrick_archives_fp_gb_3d_44804_1503121754_id_907654
  2. This stunning book is chalkful of pictures of the director movies and information on how the movies were made.1200
  3. John Water’s 2015 commencement speech to the graduating class of  Rhode Island’s  School of Design. He give some great advice on how to make trouble!Looking-For-Mister-Goodbar
  4. Based on  the brutal murder of Roseann Quinn. “Looking for Mr. Goodbar”s author Patricia Quinn was not planning to write this novel however a rejection from Esquire Magazine on this subject propel her to write it.purple
  5. One of my more recent reads from the frequently challenged Banned Book list. I can understand why this book was part of the list. However it is beautifully written and definitely worth reading . Alice Walker actually won the Pulitzer Prize for writing this novel in 1963

Books of the Month!

Hello Everyone. Here are my five go- to books for the month of April:


The Godfather by Mario Puzo- whoa this book was so good that I read it twice! It goes into much more detail than the movies. The minor characters are much more fleshed out and the main characters have much more depth and soul.


This book has visually stunning images and a lot of back info about movies. Although it was a quick read for me I wasn’t aware that there were a lot of film noir movies that was made in this tiny time frame.


Vaughn Bode is one of my favorite artist. He created this character in 1959 and didn’t do a story line about him until ten years later. Although he did not fully flesh out this into a full story his son Mark Bode continued this story after Vaughn’s death.


This is one of the best biographies I have ever read. Russ Meyer is one of favorite directors. There is not a whole lot of content in terms about him however this book gives us a better idea about his life and struggles as a movie director.


An extremely hilarious novel! When Bettina Balser thinks she going crazy she decides to keep her crazy musings in her diary. Everything seems to get to her and it doesn’t help that she lives in one of the most populated cities in the world: New York City.

Reading Rainbow: Lady.Cult style!

I decided to start a new section in my wordpress on books. I am obsessed with reading and most of the time if I find a good book to read I tend to book binge and read for hours!  So every couple of weeks I will list five books that I have read or is in my pile to read that are lady.cult worthy.


  1. valley-of-the-dolls-2Tawdry and classy! I remember walking into Urban Outfitters and this book was on sale for $3! So I decided to give it a try and this book did not disappoint!
  2. cuoc-doi-bi-kich-cua-dien-vien-phim-18-dau-tien-tren-the-gioi Linda Lovelace side of her story about her raise and fall of frame that surrounded her must famous role in “Deep Throat.”
  3. stepford Have a sneaking suspicion that your neighbor is a robot? Well this book will only confirm your fears!
  4. VJ-cover.jpgThe early raise of MTV from the first round of VJ. It was quite interesting to hear some of the backstories of how MTV picked the first set.
  5. 9781900486880-bleeding-skull_600 My go to resource of anything related to trashy-horror in the 1980’s!

Man of the Moment..

Hello and welcome to this’s week: MAN OF THE MOMENT.

This week belongs to John Waters. He is one of my heroes. Director, writer, artist, and fellow Bibliophile. John Waters is not ashamed to show off his bad taste to the masses and makes it look cool in the process.

“As a child, I always wanted to sit in William Castle’s lap, not Santa’s!”- John Waters

“When they throw the water on the witch, she says, “Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness”. That line inspired my life. I sometimes say it to myself before I go to sleep, like a prayer.” – John Waters discussing The Wizard of Oz