Book Worm

Hello here are my five must reads for the month of May!


  1. During the year 1968 five groundbreaking movies were in a competition for Best Picture. Although this is a very thick book I couldn’t put it down!25_kubrick_archives_fp_gb_3d_44804_1503121754_id_907654
  2. This stunning book is chalkful of pictures of the director movies and information on how the movies were made.1200
  3. John Water’s 2015 commencement speech to the graduating class of  Rhode Island’s  School of Design. He give some great advice on how to make trouble!Looking-For-Mister-Goodbar
  4. Based on  the brutal murder of Roseann Quinn. “Looking for Mr. Goodbar”s author Patricia Quinn was not planning to write this novel however a rejection from Esquire Magazine on this subject propel her to write it.purple
  5. One of my more recent reads from the frequently challenged Banned Book list. I can understand why this book was part of the list. However it is beautifully written and definitely worth reading . Alice Walker actually won the Pulitzer Prize for writing this novel in 1963

Man of the Moment…

This week’s man of the moment is

Stanley Kubrick

This week I will embark in assisting my film teacher discussed and teach one of my favorite directors Stanley Kubrick!

A highly visual director most of his films are based on stories:

Kubrick started his career as a photographer for Look magazine in 1946:


He then started to make short documentaries in order to save up money for his first full length feature:


From there he went on to make some memorable movies. Not always getting the most warm reception when they were first release but over time they are getting the acclaim and recognition for.

Stanley Kubrick is a director that has always stood out for his fearless direction and always fought for his artistic way.



DR. STRANGELOVE OR - HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB - American Re-Release Poster with Artwork by Tomi Ungererstanley-kubric-film-fan-24Kubrick_Space-odyssey-450x316

Stanley Kubrick you are this week’s MAN OF THE MOMENT!