A Verbot Summer Top Ten Flicks Guide!

Hello everyone! Ro-bert M. Verbot here and today I am going to talk about my Top Ten Summer Classic Flicks!

These are my top ten go to movies for the summer season for  whenever I am stuck on what to watch. I do not usually rank my movies in any order but the number ten seems to be the magic number when I make these kind of lists. So here it goes in no particular order..


Mac and Me (directed by Stewart Raffill): This movie was created in 1988 after the much successful ET movie. This movie is cheesy fun and if you are you in the mood to watch something that is light- hearted, has aliens and is overall family fun then this is the movie for you! However after I watch it always makes me crave coca-colas, Big Macs and Skittles for some reason….

Carnival of Souls (1962) directed by Herk Harvey is a great black and white horror movie!  The director said he got inspired to make this scary movie driving in Salt Lake City and passed by an amusement park called Saltair Amusement Park. This is the kind of movie you want to watch on a hot summer night and with the new Criterion Collection version on blu it is truly something worth checking out!


Repo Man (1984) is directed by Alex Cox and stars one of Clarissa’s favorite actors in it: Harry Dean Stanton!!! I secretly wish I was a bigger Verbot so I can ride that sweet glowing Chevy Malibu that is in the movie. The movie is so kick ass and the soundtrack in it is amazing!

Halloween(1978) directed by John Carpenter is a definite must watch for every horror movie fan! Even though this movie is set in the fall I still feel like this movie can get you in the Halloween spirit any time of the year. Although Clarissa feels like everyday is Halloween!

Are you Afraid of the Dark? (1990-1996) – Nothing says summer more then telling scary stories around the campfire….or in this case: watching a TV show of kids around a camp fire telling scary stories!


Boogie Nights (1997) directed by Paul Thomas Anderson stars Mark Wahlberg as Dirk Diggler an  up and coming porn star and the highs and lows of his career in the porn industry.  This movie was rated NC-17 before 40 seconds of film was cut to make it an R rated movie.

The Burning (1981) directed by Tony Maylam and is one of my favorite slasher movies. And it is one of those movies that once you watch the ending just sticks with you. My robot posse always like watching this movie! It even has Jason Alexander from Seinfield in too!

Over the Edge(1979) directed by Jonathan Kaplan is about a group of kids in the suburbs of America that rebel against all kinds of authority like their parents and any kind of adults after an incident occurred.  This movie was based off true events from an article about a planned community in California. If the plot does not draw you in then I am pretty sure that the soundtrack will. The Cars, The Ramones and Cheap Trick are just some of the bands on the soundtrack.


Taxi Driver (1976) directed by Martin Scorsese. This is one of my favorite scripts by Paul Schrader. While it is not exactly consider a horror movie there is a lot of dark undertones that it could give you the impression of passing as one. Movie fact: in the cafe scene when Travis Bickle (Robert Di Niro) orders a slice of apple pie with melted cheese, that was the food pairing that serial killer Ed Gein requested in exchange for a confession to the police.


Last one for the night is

Spaceballs (1987) directed by Mel Brooks. Sometimes you need a good spoof comedy to shake things up and the good thing about this movie is that every time I have seen it I always find a new thing about it. This is the kind of movie that can always make you laugh out loud!

What are you top ten summer movies?


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Well I am off to go watch Repo Man!

This  has been Ro-bert M. Verbot reporting!



hans moleman productions presents…



As long as I could remember The Simpsons was one of those staple shows I would watch as a child. Even though the content was never really geared towards kids; if it was in cartoon form I was totally into it.

I even formed interesting friendships in middle school over the Simpsons. During the summer of eight grade my friends and I were really into three way calling and prank call people.

That summer my days away from school would consist of this: I would call my good friend at the time in the morning and we would pick  up our middle school phone directory and prank call everyone in it. We would spent countless hours everyday on the phone either talking to each other or prank calling others with our three way calling. However we kinda made a boo-boo with one person we called. We usually block our number when we would call people to prevent people from knowing who call them or to call one of us back but we forgot to block our number with this person. So the person called us back…. and needless to say they REALLY annoyed by our prank call.

However after we explained our summer boredom to that person and that is why we were doing the prank calls the person was really understandable and started to call us too. He also had an older brother which also joined our conversations and he really liked the Simpsons. So we would have mini phone dates when the Simpsons came on. We would also make sure that we would be on the phone at six pm (that was when the Simpsons reruns would show) and watch the show together. We would not say much during the show but once the commercials came on we would all discuss what happen or ask questions and as soon as the commercial break would end it would go back to silence and repeat for the rest of the hour.


Needless to say I have a deep admiration for this show and have been an avid viewer for the past eighteen years. I tend to prefer the older episodes or the classics shows more then the newer episodes. I feel like the are reusing the old ideas and formulas from the classics episodes and revamping them into the newer seasons.

I have so many favorite characters from the show that it is hard to keep a list in my head. I tend to like the lesser known or not as popular characters. I really like Bart Simpson because I feel like out of all of the central characters he is the one that has the most cult following. Bootleg Bart is very popular and a huge part of pop culture history.  A lot of artists in the 90’s used Bart as a character to express injustice or to poke fun as the world events that surrounded the masses at the time. Does anyone remember Bartmania or Bartman?

FullSizeRender (31)

They even make the DVD packing to their seasons fun and stand out from the crowds of other TV shows DVD’s.

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I also like to incorporate my interests in my wears so if I see any Simpsons related merch that has a fashionable flair to it I am all over it!


I think my most favorite Simpsons item that I own is this keychain I got from Universal Studios. I find it totally relate-able because when I was little and used to go to theme parks that one thing I always wanted to get was something with my name on it. And the stores at the park never did….

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Until Next time!