Bort the Collector

I have a little bit of addiction when it comes to movies. Especially those in the horror, sci fi & cult genre. I enjoy collecting everything and anything I find interesting in those genres. Books, movies, posters, toys, vinyl soundtracks, vhs knowledge… you name it I probably have it or  I am in search of it. This addiction started twelve years ago when I first subscribed to Netflix and the first movie that came in the mail was the La Dolce Vita. That movie completely changed my movie viewing ways and kind of inspired me to find more movies like that. So I started to do research and found out more about directors like Fellini, Pasolini and Bava, Wertmuller, Fulci etc the more obscure and interesting directors that made crazy and interesting movies. However Netflix did not carry a whole bunch of the titles so I have to search for them and buy them since it was so hard to track down a copy. Once I found the movie I was looking for I jump on to the next thing and it just kept on  repeating until a collection grew. That’s when the avalanche of other things followed that I  have amassed in my collection: The posters….





The books full of knowledge of various eccentric subjects but are mostly movie related (Please note this is only a small amount of books I have) Some ladies dream of a huge walk in closet. I dream of a huge retro media room that will display my collection!


And of course movies! This is probably 20% of what I have; which makes it really difficult to chose what to watch. I usually pick a top ten of what I am in the mood to watch and start condensing from there.

Lastly some of my vinyl. No movie collector collection would be complete without some kind of soundtrack in their collection:



Until Next week!


3 thoughts on “Bort the Collector

  1. I love 80’s horror movies.
    But I always thaught that because I was a 80’s kid I was a bit sentimental.
    Good to see there are more people enjoying the 80’s.
    The Lost Boys is my fav movie

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