I dream of Argento…

I have a major love for Italian movies. When I first got Netflix it recommended me to watch Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. After I watched and returned it I gave it five stars. It was my first five star rating I gave so I was pretty much open to whatever Netflix had to recommend me from that rating. It gave me three movies I thought I might like: one of them was this 

Intrigued I decided why not give it a chance! I’m pretty much open to any movie and that poster looked pretty cool!  

I remember I got it the movie through the mail on the morning of my birthday and decided that I wanted to watch it right away before I started any b-day festivities. I popped in the movie and what caught my eye at first were the colors! 

Never have I seen such a beautiful color scheme in a movie. It kind of reminded me of a fairy tale like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. But with horror! After watching it I decided to find out more about the director and give myself some of his movies as a gift to myself 

What also amazed me about Argento movies was the music! Goblin provided a lot of the eerie and danceable tracks to his movies 

 Although if I had to pick a favorite movie of Dario Argento it would probably be Tenebre.  

Like a detective novel Dario Argento creates a beautiful world filled with mystery, great music and horror. It’s the kind of world I dream of…

 What is your favorite Argento movie?  
Until next time!

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