A Freddy Krueger Connection

When I was about eight years old I remember my parents and my sister were watching a late night movie and when I walked into the living room the first I hear from my sister is “YOU CAN’T WATCH THIS… GO TO BED!” So I quickly turned around but I was able to quickly glance at the TV before making my exit. This was the image I saw on the TV Screen

a-nightmare-on-elm-street (1)

When I went to bed that night that image kind of stuck in my head. I did not find it scary with Freddy, I was actually more impressed with his claw metal hand and striped sweater. I kind of forgot about Freddy after that night

It wasn’t until I was  much older that I was able to watch and learn more about A Nightmare on Elm Street movies:

FullSizeRender (39)

The inspiration of Freddy Krueger came from the Los Angles Times; there was several stories about mysterious deaths stemming from repeated nightmares and the victims  ended up dying in their sleep. Wes Carven also cited that the idea of Freddy Krueger’s physical appearance was a mixture of  a bully from Carven’s elementary school days.  A deformed homeless man from Carven’s youth that really frighten him, and the song called “Dreamweaver” by Gary Wright from the 70’s.

I went through one of those phases where I have to get everything A Nightmare on Elm Street related. Some examples are below:

FullSizeRender (38)

When I first got this game I was about to rope my nieces into playing it with me. At first it was a bit confusing and it took forever to set it up but once we got the hang of the rules it ended up being a really great game!

I was so obsessed with the series that it end up becoming part of my wears. I am huge fan of any kind of artistic interpretation of my favorite horror characters. This shirt I got from  Scumbags and Superstars combined the movie Ferris Buller’s Day off and Freddy Krueger into on awesome shirt!

I am never one to stick with plain patterns but when I saw these pumps from Iron Fist I couldn’t resist! The cool thing about these is that the inside of the shoe has blood splatter and the heel is a shiny sliver to match Krueger’s metal claw.


Even Mr. Potato head has a sense of humor!

Some of my top soundtracks in my collection have always been A Nightmare of Elm Street soundtracks. Even Ro-bert enjoys my Freddy  Krueger memorabilia!

FullSizeRender (40)

They are so many countless things in my collection that are Freddy related and I know some people made think it might be a little much. However I enjoy it and Freddy Krueger is such a memorable horror character that it is hard not to resist having something Krueger related!

I think it such a special thing that a person is able to create a character and it becomes so iconic that it becomes part of a genre. Wes Carven was able to accomplish that by taking on his childhood fears and memories and turning them into a pop culture symbol.

Who are your favorite Horror characters?



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