Man of the Moment…

This week’s man of the moment is the Noid. The Noid was a little  claymation dude dress in a red  stretchy looking bunny outfit with a big N painted on it’s stomach. The Noid always tried to ambush and tries to destroy pizza. This little claymation dude made me look forward to wanting to watch commercials in the 80’s growing up.


Yes he had a little bit of an anger issue and wasn’t a fan of hot and tasty pizza.


But what he lack in charm he made up with hilarity by his failed attempts of ruining your Domino’s pizza order.


Although The Noid and the “avoid the Noid campaign didn’t last long because in 1989 a man in Atlanta had an assumption that the commercials with The Noid was a personal attack on him. The gentleman(who’s last name happen to be Noid) ended up going to a Domino’s pizza place, and holding two employees hostages for hours and making weird demands. Such as  making him pizza, needing a get away care, copies of novels and of course cash.


However The Noid will be forever ingrain in my mind as one of my favorite advertising campaigns.

There’s no avoiding you this week The Noid!


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