Movie of the day: Harvey (1950)

Harvey (1950) directed by Henry Kosner stars James Stewart as Elwood a man who is convinced that he has a six foot tall rabbit named Harvey as his best friend. As his family and friends think Elwood is crazy about his imaginary friend they are some signs to prove that his bunny friend is in fact real.

8KXWJDh1-e1424824365763-718x405Harvey is one of my favorite movies due to the fact Elwood still believe that the impossible is in fact possible in a grown up world. Regardless of what people think of him as long as he is enjoying his life he doesn’t care what else anyone thinks.


Yes everyone views Elwood as a crackpot and his sister thinks that he is an embarrassment to the family but Elwood is content living his eccentric life which makes this movie really relate able to me. One of my favorite quotes from this movie is ” I always have a wonderful time, wherever I am, whomever I’m with.”  After watching this movie I feel like we need to be a little more like Elwood and not let the world get to us.



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