Man of the moment

This week’s man of the moment is



Funny man Peter Sellers was born on September 8, 1925. He is known for his many comedic roles in movies like Dr. Strangelove, Lolita, The Pink Pather and the Ladykillers.



But perhaps my favorite roles of Peter Sellers was a black comedy directed by Hal Ashby called “Being There.”


Peter Sellers was really diverse when it came in creating characters for his movies. Each one had a differently personality and their own comedic charm. Sellers died at the age of 54 on July 24 1980. He was best known for being the life of the party in his roles and always being the funny man. Peter-Sellers-and-his-wicked-Ferrari-275-GTB-in-1965

Various - 1960s

If you are ever having a low day I suggest popping in a Peter Sellers movie and your mood will change for the better!


Congrats Peter Sellers for being this week’s MAN OF THE MOMENT!


3 thoughts on “Man of the moment

  1. I haven’t seen the Being There movie but I loved Jerzy Kosinski’s book. I didn’t know Peter Sellers dies so young, he left such a legacy.


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