Man of the Moment:

This week’s man of the moment is Bubblicious Gum! 6309658670_634f39c0bc_b

Technically this is not an actual person but this item how been constantly on my mind so I thought to give it tribute on here!

I was a frequent gum chewer in my youth and when I used to go on trips to the market with my mom she would allow me to get a pack of gum while waiting to pay in line. The Bubblicious gum was always my top three go to choices!


If the bright neon color packaging and cool font lettering were not cool enough to want to to buy it this gum then the interesting flavorful choices surely was the tipping point to want to put this package in your shopping cart.


For some reason I had habit of smelling the gum package before making my selection. Like a fine wine I would pick out the brightest color looking pack then I would make sure the package wasn’t open then I would smell the pack. I always picked the package that had the fruitiest or candy like smell.

After paying for it I would ripped open the pack and carefully pick which piece to open first. After careful selection I would slowly open the wrapper making sure that I wouldn’t take gum off my piece and wanting to maintain the cube shape. Then I would pop it into my mouth.


It was like a fruit party in my mouth! Sure the flavor was not long lasting but that was not the main point for me! Rather it was how big can I make my bubble which was the best part of it! It provide hours of fun or until I wanted to move on my next piece.


Bubblicious you are this week’s MAN OF THE MOMENT!!!



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