Man of the Moment: Pennywise

Pennywise the dancing clown you are this week’s MAN OF THE MOMENT!


Yes you are kind of creepy and you bring terror to kids. But you always rank as one of the top Stephen King most memorable book characters. Plus you look good for a million (or possibly a billion) years old. Plus you have an interesting nickname: IT.


When you traveled from an unknown part of space to earth as a shape shiftier. You made an interesting entity decision to appear as a clown with bright red bushy hair and a clown costume to trump other clown’s costumes to shame!

And if you aren’t scaring children away by your hellish fashion treads than you are definitely doing it with your wisecracks and sarcasm. Oh there is thing minor detail of you wanting to eat children that might not might you such a popular clown among them.



But as long as you do not eat the writer of this piece then we are cool!


Congrats again PENNYWISE for being this week’s MAN OF THE MOMENT!!


3 thoughts on “Man of the Moment: Pennywise

  1. I’ve still not read IT because I’m put off by the length of it! It’s so long! There’s so many Stephen king characters I love, most of my faves are from the dark tower I think

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      1. Yeah there is! I’m a little nervous as always when peopla try and adapt my favourite books haha. But if it’s done right the potential is massive. Like the next LOTR massive! 😬😁

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