Treehouse of Horror: One

I remember watching the first Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode in 1990 (Original Air Date was October 25, 1990). It was a couple of days before my birthday and I was hooked on watching the Simpsons at that time and anything tying in Halloween I would be sure to make a point not to miss.



I was amazed by the scary opening titles and that scary names that was associated in making this episode like “Bat Groening”.

The treehouse of horror episode is diving into three different stories and the storytellers of each story is told by Bart and Lisa in there treehouse and Maggie being the visible audience listening to the story and Homer being the invisible listening from the outside of the treehouse.


The story is called “Bad Dream House.”  Where the Simpsons move into this really cool old mansion which was practically bought for a bargain price! However they start to realize that the kitchen holds a portal to a evil, weird ,and scary dimension. Marge is not fully convince that she wants to live with a portal while she is making breakfast in the morning. She is persuaded by Homer to test the house out by staying the night. However it is not a restful night as the rest of the family become possess by evil spirits from the portal. The Simpsons is a comedy so this stories has a funny twist at the end but you would have to watch it to see what happens.



The next story is called “Hungry are the Damned”. This is the first time we are introduced to Kang and Kudos (which are two characters they are frequently on the treehouse of horror episodes). While the Simpsons are having a barbecue they get abducted by Kang and Kudos. They assure the Simpsons that they only want to take them to their home planet (Rigel IV) however Lisa is very weary of their intentions because she finds a cookbook called:


Throughout the whole trip Lisa and the rest of the Simpsons debates with the two aliens on whether they are actually going to their home planet or they are going to be the aliens dinner.


The last story (and one of my most favorite stories from the Treehouse of Horror episodes) is called “The Raven.”


Lisa decides (and very rightfully so in my opinion) that no Halloween is complete without the works of Edgar Allan Poe. She reads one of his famous works and then her voice turns into James Earl Jones while she is reading it! Bart plays the raven and Homer is the love torn man over his lost love Lenore.


Fun Fact: The Treehouse of horror episode was inspired by horror comics (such as EC Comics) and that is why there is always a disclaimer they this show may be too scary to watch!



Until next time!

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