Man(sion) of the Moment: The Haunted Mansion

Hello everyone! This week’s man of the moment is actually a ride that is located at Disneyland, Magic Kingdown and Disneyland in Tokyo.


THE HAUNTED MANSION! (or better known as my FAVORITE RIDE EVER!!!) I will focus on the one that is located at the Magic Kingdom since that is the only one I have ever been too.


This ride first opened on October 1, 1971 the same day as the parked open and is located in Liberty Square nearby the hall of presidents.

I have been to Disneyworld 23 times and it is absolutely one of my favorite vacation destinations EVER! I have been on this ride about 40 times and my trip to the Magic Kingdom is not complete until I have gone on this ride at least twice!


Even waiting in line for this ride is entertaining! You come across a lot of tombstones that have funny sayings on them and the names of the people on the tombstones are Disney Imagineers who created the Haunted Mansion.



You also have head-busts talked to you and you have the option to play musical instruments!

Inside the house your are taken on a tour of all of the rooms and the spooky inhabits that live inside and how they met their spooky but sometimes funny end!


Haunted Mansion you may be haunted but you are the coolest house ever! You are this MAN(sion) of the moment!

Caution: after reading this you might or have may not have a ghost behind you!


Just kidding: Until next time!

3 thoughts on “Man(sion) of the Moment: The Haunted Mansion

  1. Lol! Yes! When I was little and Dad took me to Disneyland he said I spent the whole day doing laps of The Haunted Mansion! That and the Matterhorn – purely for the Yeti ❤ If I went to Disneyland as an adult I'd repeat what I did as a kid for sure and Toad's Wild Ride too!

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