Music Video of the Day: November Rain

Today’s music video of the day is Guns N’ Roses’s November Rain (1992). This single was off there Use Your Illusion I album (September 1991).


I remember the first time I saw this video was in the summer of 1992 and I just discover that we had cable  and very importantly that we had MTV (the early MTV was a staple in my growing up stage). I was about nine years old and I remember watching it in the morning because it had a lasting impression on me the rest of the day.


It was directed by Andy Morahan and the concept of the video was based on a short story by Del James called “Without You.” It is from his 1995 book “The Language of Fear and the plot of the story is about a rock star who is grief stricken over the death of his girlfriend committed suicide.

giphy (1)

Axel Rose’s girlfriend at the time was supermodel Stephanie Seymour plays the role of the girlfriend and Axel Rose of course plays the role of the distraught rock star. Throughout this whole grief stricken scene Slash is intertwined in some out door shots playing the solos outside the church.


Also what breaks the continuity of this music video is the concert scenes of the band playing the song. The music video is over nine minutes long because they wanted to used the whole song and not cut anything out. It makes the video unique and you don’t feel the length of the music video because you are completely absorb with everything that is going on the screen.

Stephanie Seymour i Axl Rose

“November Rain” is one of the most expensive videos ever made due to many factors such as the different locations, the costumes, the endless hours of taping and all the extras that were involved.

This music video went on to win Best Cinematography at the 1992 MTV Awards.


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