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Welcome to my Instahood! Where I will be interviewing some of my fellow instagrammers who I find unique, cool, and all around awesome. For my first interview I asked Jessica a fellow instaneighbor and friend ( IG:  palmtreepriestesstarot): She is a  awesome woman of many amazing hats and a tarot card reader.

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  1. What made you interested in tarot cards ? How long have you been reading cards: -”  PeeWee Herman. “Peewees Big Adventure” will always be my version of the Bible!  As a child it became more to me than just a movie, it became this huge metaphor for life, so little me took on this huge life goal to be a better version of Madam Ruby so i could help Peewee find his bike. Lets be real, Madam Ruby was shiesty and i felt i could  help with more grace and love than she’s even seen!  Haha. I actually tried the crystal ball first ….well it was more of a snow globe that I would pretend was a crystal ball.  I tried to summon Abraham Lincoln for some reason and that was sort of off track and didn’t work out.  Then when  I was 12 and totally over magic 8 balls and Ouija boards  I was given my first set of Tarot Cards.  And WOW ! My powers just flowed with it. it felt right. it was crazy that i had the key to comprehend complete story lines of people through cards!!  Despite the fact that I do have an actual gift for this, I will always be the 5 year old who thinks she can  one up Madam Ruby by psychically helping  PeeWee…and everyone else, find their metaphorical bikes.” I would still LOVE to read Paul Reubens one day. “
  2. How did you know Tarot was your calling?                                                                            -“There are too many synchronicities in my life to go through for that question haha, including a ten year vision quest in this totally bunk dimension,  (Elko, Nevada) learning how to astral project from a buff guy in prison who loved to sing cure songs, (Seriously though, if anyone can teach astral projection its a guy stuck in a cement building) “alien” healing, premonitions …you know , the good juicy stuff . Things clicking happened in a domino effect! I was just “at home” with all different forms of magic and healing but didn’t realize I could make it my real life, support your family kind of dream, until I was in my late 20s. Healing others is my true calling…I’ve always felt that but Tarot is my preferred method of letting in shine through.”unnamed (2)
  3. Do you have a favorite deck and why?                                                                                    -“They all have their own personalities and they all will give me sad face vibes for taking favorites so i always  try not too….buuuutttt if I really really have to choose  I’m going to say the” Mythical Beast Oracle” is my favorite. Im very fond of cryptozoology and the strength of animals as guides.  Beast deck has a Chupacabra and Sasquatch in it so obviously awesome!  I call it my “harsh deck” because it can be super brutal in pointing things out and making me feel like shit about my life actions haha but it also never lies about the truth. You have to respect that!   I am also working on a deck right now that’s composed of random  cards I’ve found in thrift stores so that will be rad when its done.”
  4. What do people want me to read on them the most ?                                               -“Right now there are some major changes going on with everyone in the universe. I’ve noticed careers and romance are becoming very parallel . People are finally deciding what their hearts call for them to do and are being courageous enough to take action in that revelation. The universe is clearing out everything for us to succeed and see but with that are all  of these sudden and extreme endings and beginnings that rock your feelings of stability and intuition …. relationships and goals are lost and found again but not before they are put in the longest waiting room of all time (that seems to be now) These are new things and scary things but they are also amazing things if you know what route to take or what to make of it all and that is where I help! I can sort illusion from facts, tell you what it would be this way or that …or even what the other side is thinking. Hope and reassurance or just straight of realness about the future goes a long way. ” unnamed (3)
  5. Do I read for myself ?                                                                                                       -” That is a huge Nah…I definitely do not try to do that on the regular. I mean, I have of course, but I find it is a little biased to read yourself, especially if you are highly emotional at the time of a reading (when you’d want a reading the most) . Anything I need to feel about the future comes to me through dreams, guides, signs and very good friends.”
  6. What would be your dream business?                                                                                    -” A Tarot And Toy Store !  I feel like toys help us learn and open our imaginations and the senses that we had as children but slip away going into adulthood. .Magic spells, intuition,  third eye awareness, speaking to the gods… it doesn’t have to be so complicated and traditional.  Some adults don’t want to feel lame and only go by the usual magical law books because that is  the only way that works and blah blah blah . I don’t get that and its not relateable to everyone. Everyone has felt power from a toy at some part of their life though.  I use a great mix of tradition and myself…I never feel lame when I play with Legos with the intent to manifest. In reality I feel like a gypsy casting magic spells and it really works for me. Why not have an E.T pull sting toy as a spirit guide?”
  7. Do you have any hobbies outside of tarot?                                                                            -” Toy hunting, having sex, being one with the amazing Florida ecology, watching cartoons and creature features, listening to records, laughing…reading. A lot of reading!” unnamed (4)
  8. What is on your toy wish list?                                                                                                   -“I just ordered some Sasquatch Toes from @octopuserio that are making me feel excited haha! What’s my favorite toy ? No you can’t ask me that! I want all the toys!  However I’m really in love with my Pez Collection.”unnamed (5)
  9. What is a fact people may not know about you?                                                                    -“I know I’m always joking around and have a very child like whatever essence to me but  I’m extremely protective of people accomplishing their dreams and doing what I do.  I’m not turning  off who I am because I give readings and need to be a certain kind of “spiritual” . I will go above and beyond to get you where you need to be if you need it .  I take what I do very seriously.”
  10. What advice would you give to those who are on the fence about getting their  tarot cards read?                                                                                                                                     -” Don’t be on the fence ! If you are watching my IG feed and are vibing on me as a person then please support me. See what it’s all about instead of assuming! Having your cards read makes you feel great and my readings are spot on. Everyone loves their monthly or weekly Jessica time… I promise you! Haha.”



To have a reading done by Jessica and  would like more information or if you are a just in need of some clarity please follow her account: plamtreepriestesstarot  She is by appointment only and she does not steer you wrong!

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I would like to thank her so much for starting off this new section of my WordPress! She has become such a great friend and fun person to talk to! Be on the lookout for this section a little more frequently. To be considered to be part of this section please comment or contact me via IG.


“Won’t you be my Instaneighbor?”


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