Movie of the day: Scrooged (1988)

Today’s movie of the day is Scrooged (1988) directed by Ricard Donner.


The movie stars Billy Murray, Karen Allen, Carol Kane and Bobcat Goldthwait. Murray portrays a mean, rude, jerk of a executive producer who only thinks of himself  who gets a wake up called on Christmas eve night by three spirits.


Carol Kane, John Forsythe and David Johansen played the three spirits who bring a hilarious but vital message to Murray on the meaning of Christmas and just to reconnect to the man he was before evil and greed took over his mind and personality.



This has been one of my favorite Christmas movies since I was a kid.  They always show this on UPN on Sundays (there was a block of time on Sundays afternoons were the channel just showed movies)  in the summer for some reason. However it made me go into the Christmas spirit early. There are so many great cameos in this movie such as Robert Goulet, Robert Mitchum. Robert Stack, Lee Majors, and Buddy Hackett.

Fun fact about this movie: Robert Mitchum did not want to do the cameo in this movie at fist but when he met Bill Murrray and was so charmed by him he changed his mind and agree to do the film!



Until next time!