“What?! You haven’t seen ____ yet!?” Movies that I need to watch!

Hello everyone. There has been some movies on my to watch list since the dawn of time it seems because getting longer and longer with each passing day.  So with the holiday season approaching I decided to make a quick top 5 of the hundreds (if not thousands) of movies from that list.


I, Tonya- a dark comedy by Craig Gillepie about the 1994 attack of Nancy Kerrigan by hitman hired by Tonya Harding. I remember this story when I was little and for some reason E! television was completely engrossed in covering the details of this story and therefore so was I. I am interested to see how they turned this real life horror story into a laugh out loud holiday movie!

2. 818A6h5viiL._SL1500_

Porky Pig is one of my favorite cartoon characters but I never watched the black and white cartoons of his. This is Porky Pig in his debut cartoons that bolted him into the memorable Looney Tunes character he is today!


Strangers with Candy (TV series)- I have also seen Amy Sedaris roles on various movies and shows and I have always like her comedic style. So I made it a point to finish this year out by watching this show. Sedaris plays Jerri Blank  a 46 year old runaway, and drug addict who decided to clean up her act and finish high school. Fun Fact about this show: The inspiration of Jerri Blank came from motivational speak Florine Fisher from a public service film (kinda like a scare straight tool) that was suppose derail kids from drugs and alcohol.


Investigation Discovery is a pretty addicting channel so it is no surprise that when they started to make their own made for TV movies I got even more hook into their channel! This movie is based on Rodney Alcala who is a suspected serial killer on the West Coast and could be held accountable for  over 130 murders between the years 1960-1970.

5. the-beastmaster.21485

The Beastmaster (1982)- directed by Don Coscarelli. It is about a man who has revenge on his mind because most of his family or people he considers to be family have been murdered. This movie seems reminiscent of Conan but I think Beastmaster and talk to animals so I am intrigued in learning more!




Until next time!