Movie of the day: Best Worst Movie

Today’s movie of the day is Best Worst Movie (2009) directed by Michael Paul Stephenson.

This documentary is about a movie called “Troll 2” and how one of the worst movies ever have one of the most endearing Cult followings and how the cast of the movie reacted to being in this film. “Troll 2” has an IMDB of an 2.8 out of the 10.

“Troll 2” was made in 1990 in Utah with amateur actors, and not a lot of money in the budget for special effects or great editing, sound effects, music and unfortunately it shows!

However flash forward ten years after the movie was made the little boy who starred in the movie turned into a director. He decided to come to terms with this movie, and his ok acting in it and move forward with this documentary.

This documentary has heart to it and it gives us a better understanding of the why Troll 2 is consider a cult movie classic.

Until next time!