Artist’s Spot: StitchesbyBirdie


This week’s artist’s spotlight is on: StitchesbyBirdie

  1. Describe a little about your creative self:   “I grew up watching a lot of cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo and Courage the Cowardly Dog. I loved them so much I began drawing all of my favorite characters and moments in my art book with my sisters. I loved to re-create a scene that made me laugh or just a moment that I thought was really cute or sweet. I’m obsessed with Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas so I love creating art with those kinds of themes.Mr Sparkle
  2. What made you interested in this kind of art?:                                                      Growing up I have always been interested in all kinds of art. I started exploring cross and long stitch when I was about 9 and really enjoyed it so my dad took me to the shops to buy a set with a template. The only cute one I could find was of Winnie the Pooh but there were no Scooby ones so I went back to sketches and painting after that. Fast forward many years later, my best friend Alana’s birthday was coming up. She showed me a picture of an embroidery piece she liked so I thought about making one for her birthday. I decided on ‘Mr Sparkle’ from the Simpsons because it was one of her favorite episodes. It was my first time making one in years and I really enjoyed seeing how much she loved it!! She was the one who inspired me to get back into embroidery 3 SBB
  3. Do you have any upcoming shows or pieces you are working on?:                           “I’ve started designing a few Valentine’s Day related pieces which has been a lot of fun. I have two other custom requests on the way – one which is not Simpson’s related so that will be a nice change! Milhouse love For more information please contact Louise at the following: 

Side note Louise as done many awesome works of art for me! This one was the latest one she created!: Patty and Selma

Until next time!

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