Late night decisions…

I noticed that I been making a lot of decisions so far this year. Decisions are never an easy thing to make but sometimes they have to be made. Decisions can be as simple as picking an apple or a snickers bar to snack on or decisions can be as hard as choosing happiness over complications . If someone ever feels like they are in a place that they feel divided to choose between what makes you love and happy vs complicated and stuff…..

may I offer some advice?

I personally will always choose love. I believe that love fills you up more than any meal. It’s satisfies you more than the best meal you ever had. It makes you feel better than any drug or drink.

Yes they are times that love will break your heart. You become mad at yourself and at the world. But a lot of people don’t realized that the heart is one of the strongest parts of your body. Like it went through the bitterest longest battle and you came out of batter and bruise. You But the heart rebuilds after every heartbreak and becomes stronger. Once you find your true love your heart becomes unbreakable and makes your other senses stronger, faster and builds your confidence. You start to feel confident, you start to feel airy, amazing and almost a million times more of a person.

Love and happy provides you with an indescribable feeling. But it’s a feeling that leaves your full filled. It will leave you wondering why you didn’t choose love before. I feel like when you put out things into the universe it comes back to you. Why not put out positive things?

Choose love. Share kindness and encouragement.

Let your heart and soul become unbreakable.

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