Welcome to the Insta-hood!:

hello everyone to another round of “welcome to the Insta-hood” Were I interview exciting and fascinating people. Today we meet fellow IG-er: Jesse Nelson

  1. Tell me a little about yourself.:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ” I am Jesse Nelson from right outside Philadelphia and I am 1/2 of DiabolikDVD and 1/4 of Exhumed Films.  I live in an old, old, old farmhouse with my wife, 2
    kids, 3 cats, a dog and a lot of chickens plus mounds of movies, books
    and toys. It is chaos!”fullsizeoutput_f7f (1)
  2.  How did you come up with your concept of  DiabolikDVD.com ?:                         “When we started Exhumed Films 20 years ago we would bring VHS tapes to
    sell at the shows. Three of us used to work at a video store and the
    owners were constantly selling off tapes and I spent a lot of time at
    the flea markets in those early ebay days when you could still find
    things.  We soon realized we needed some more things to sell at shows
    and  moved over to importing DVDs – mostly from Hong Kong.  We watched
    a lot of Hong Kong action and horror movies those days and there were
    also some oddballs Japanese titles available from Hong Kong.   For a
    long time we didn’t even have a US distributor. We only bought titles
    from overseas, but as things progressed, so did we and eventually we
    were bringing things in from all over and also moved over to more of a
    horror/cult focus than we were initially.”fullsizeoutput_f81
  3.  What are your top five personal favorite movies on your website and why?:        “VIY / BNN – back in the early days there was a Russian import of this
    film that we carried. We bought them from a shop near coney island in
    NYC and had to order only by fax but I was so thrilled to finally see
    this film and it still remains a favorite and an all time best seller
    of diabolik.Farewell Uncle Tom – I know this is a rough one and it really isn’t a
    favorite film of mine (though I did go out of my way to see it at
    Fantastic Fest a few years ago and Exhumed Films has shown it), but
    what I love is that this film exists on home video at all.  It really
    is amazing that films like this have been released despite the content
    and I don’t have to buy some crummy burned disc of it.

    Equinox – I have loved this film for so long, I have the poster in my
    office, we own a 35mm print, I have the press books and the 8mm
    digest.  When I read that Criterion was doing a special edition with
    both versions of the film, I really couldn’t get over it.
    The Thing – Pick the arrow version or pick the scream factory version,
    I don’t care, I am not interested in debating.  They both look
    fantastic to me and it is Carpenter’s best film.  I watched this so
    many times on VHS back in the 80s that it was a revelation to finally
    be able to watch it on Laserdisc, DVD and now Blu-Ray.

    Suspiria – Amazing. The Synapse steelbook is probably one of the best
    releases we have ever had and right up there in the top 5 best sellers
    as well.”

  4. . What interests/ activities do you enjoy personal that outside your
    business interest.                                                                                                                         “I spend a lot of time working. Probably too much says my family! But I
    also love reading and playing video games.  The books in my life
    probably take up about as much room as my movies and lets not even
    talk about toys and other little things I pick up all time !   Of
    course watching movies is probably my biggest passion.”IMG_1062 (1)
  5.  Do you have any exciting things coming up for your business that
    you would like to share? ” A lot of things we work out aren’t really planned too far in advance. We are working a lot more conventions this year than in years past.
    Double what we did last year and triple what we did two years ago.  We
    also have something else coming up that we can’t talk about yet, but
    it should be amazing!  My goal is always to have a better year than
    last and while we can’t please everyone, I really do make the best
    effort to try.”

For more information, questions or to contact Jesse please used the following contact info:




Thank you Jesse for giving me a chance to interview  you!


Until next time!

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