Welcome to the Insta-hood: Dogeatdave

Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting installment of “Welcome to the Insta-hood”! Where I interview fascinating Instagrammers. Today’s interview is with Dave Neabore (IG: DogeatDave)


  1. Hello Dave, please tell me a little about yourself:                                                           “My main interests are always music and movies! I always had a love of this stuff since an early age. I was really into heavy metal, punk, hardcore and classical music as a teenager which probably started my appreciation of horror movies and soundtracks. I used to manage two video stores from 1986-1994, so I was known as “the video guy” in my town. I’ve been in bands since I was 12 and started touring Europe and recording records by 18. I’ve been very fortunate to have had a successful music career for 30 years including gold records and an MTV award by age 25. I love to travel, so touring has made it possible to visit over 50 countries and counting. I love animals and meeting good hearted people of which I consider myself one.”
  2. What are your five top soundtracks?                                                                                     “I get asked this question a lot and as a serious collector I find it very difficult to answer cause I love so many! But I can say the soundtracks that influenced me the most are Creepshow, Halloween 2, Dawn Of The Dead, Maniac, and Phantasm. There’s so many more great ones including plenty of non-horror stuff too. I’m very open minded and into everything, so all you have to do is drive in my car and for sure you will say what everyone does – “WTF are you listening to?”IMG_7272IMG_7271
  3. What movies have you recently really been into?                                                          “The last movie to really blow me away was A Ghost Story. That movie was brilliant and haunting (no pun intended!). I really liked Brawl In Cellblock 99, Mother!, Ingrid Goes West, Brigsby Bear, The Neon Demon, Mayhem, and Hacksaw Ridge. I prefer indie and challenging art house films and I’m really not into a lot of big budget Hollywood films. However I like Kong Skull Island, and thought Wonder Woman was fun. I’m always watching the older classics, b-movies, and trash films! My motto is bad movies and good beer are the perfect combination! I’m not really into newer horror as much although there’s still a few good ones coming out however it doesn’t have the same effect as the films I grew up on. The Suspiria Blu-ray from Synapse is mind blowing in its detail and color and for me is easily the best release of the year!”IMG_7266
  4. You have posted some really great movie items. What are some of your favorite things you have and why?                                                                                                   “I’ve been collecting horror related items since I was young so I’ve got tons to share! When I joined Instagram a few years ago I felt like I finally had an outlet to share the stuff that has just been sitting in boxes or piles for decades. I could go on for years and never run out of items to show off. My prized possession is definitely my Zombie poster signed by Lucio Fulci. I was extremely fortunate to have met him in NYC before he passed away. I really love my soundtrack collection on both vinyl and CD.  Plus I got some great books and magazines that were published before the internet took over.”IMG_7268IMG_7270
  5. Do you you any exciting events coming up that you would like to share?              “Well first in March I’m going to Monster Mania horror convention in NJ to meet John Carpenter again.”IMG_7274 “Then I start touring Europe in April with my band Dog Eat Dog.”IMG_7275 “After that Chiller Theatre convention in late April, then the Misfits reunion show in May, and at least 5 more trips to Europe over the summer! I have a bunch of soundtracks coming out this year including the Zombie and Bottomfeeder comics from Eibon Press, and a re-release Of my soundtrack to Paura: Lucio Fulci Remembered coming out on Poisoned Mind Records, so I will be very busy and having lots of fun in 2018!”


Thank you Dave for letting me interview you! If you have any questions and want to know more information about him his IG  is: @DogeatDave


until next time!

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