Artist’s Spotlight: Midnight Drive

This week artist’s spotlight is on Midnight Drive:

  1. Describe in detail your art.                                                                                                “After graduating from Savinis school in 2015 I decided to start my own mask company with my wife called Midnight Drive. Midnight Drives esthetic is neon soaked late night tv monster goodness. The louder the monsters the better!”image1 (1)
  2.  What is your favorite piece you have done and why? What is your least favorite or most difficult piece you have created and why?                                                         “Every monster I make is always my favorite at the time. I’m too much of a monster kid to have any favorites. Although, I’d have to say the Neon Nightwolf is probably one of my favorite color schemes I did. It turned out super loud and like it came from some region beyond soaked in sleazy neon hahaha.”image2.jpeg
  3. What is your least favorite or most difficult piece you have created and why?           “I did a mask called Death Knight a while ago. He was going to be this ethereal undead space knight kinda thing. Looking back I don’t know what I was thinking with that sculpt haha. He turned out nothing like that!”
  4.  Where do you find your inspiration in creating your art?                                           “My inspiration comes from 80s horror, vhs cover art, neon soaked arcades, late nite tv, Joe Bob Briggs, USA Up All Nite, local horror show hosts, new wave and sleazy B-movies.”
  5. What venue has favorite place in terms of selling or displaying your art and why? “Maskfest! Hands down Maskfest! It’s a convention that happens every year around Aug/Sept in Indiana and it celebrates all things monsters and masks.”image1
  6.  Do you have anything excited coming up in terms of your art? “I’m currently working on a large Deadly Spawn mask and some other monsters for Maskfest in August.”

If you have any other questions and/or would like to contact James for more information is contact info is his Instagram: midnight_drive



Until Next time!

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