the Power of resilience…..

It always amazes me how people no matter how hard emotionally they are hit. They seem to always bounce back. It may not be an automatic bounce there maybe a lagging period of tears, anger, anguish, or depression. Or all of them but one must keep in mind that you will survive it. You survived yesterday , you made it through the end of today and tomorrow you will probably be stronger then you were two days ago. Just remember that  everyone is unique in their own way, and has value in this world. Always remember you are resilient, you are loved and you will continue to grow. tumblr_nlx19mqBfb1tprcs9o1_540

2 thoughts on “the Power of resilience…..

  1. I enjoyed this read, Clarissa! I always admire your posts. For me, I am determined to learn to speak Korean and Japanese fluently. Distractions abound. And I beat myself when I fall off track. I just pick myself and keep moving forward one drill, one step at a time.


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