Book Club Info!

Yesterday was the first Fear Street Book Club meeting where we discussed R.L. Stine’s the Babysitter. It was such a great conversation about this book and I would like to thank @palmtreepriestesstarot , @glitrvamp and toy_highlander for participating in the discussion! Babysitter_book

Now for  April’s fear street club book selected by @palmtreepriestesstarot *Drum roll please!*176473

If you are interested in joining April’s fear street book please DM me (IG: lady.Cult). We are holding the discussion via Google hangout so it’s critical to have a gmail account in order to be part of conversation. The discussion usually last up to 40 minutes but it could go over so you would like to at least block off  between 40-60 mins for it. The next book club discussion will be held April 15th, 2018!



Until next time!

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