Wo(man) of the Moment

Welcome to this month installment of Wo(man) of the Moment. This month we celebrate



You made recognize this character from the book by William March in 1954 called “The Bad Seed.” bad seed - william march - dell - 1975 paperback

In 1956 it was made into a movie that was directed by Mervyn LeRoy and starred Patty McCormick as the original “Bad Seed” Rhonda Penmark!


Rhoda was the original problem child but with her cool persona and persistent charm she turned her trouble and horror into classy affair.  Yes she would literally do whatever was in her power to get her way. Like lie, cheat and kill but no one at first ever seem a wiser to this little girl’s mean streak since she always use her child like innocent and charm.


She was also my inspiration in eye wear ever since I watch this movie over a decade ago because all of my sunglasses have been in the cool cat eye shape. She wore it so well and very classy!


When there was times when Rhoda knew she was in hot water she would use her charm to sway her mom’s mind with this classic line:


Rhoda always the charmer after she killed someone….

Rhoda Penmark proves that horror is not always in a obvious scary looking package. It could be in a form of a sweet looking innocent child!tumblr_o98jeiWfe01qcma3zo1_500

Congrats Rhoda on being the Wo(man) of the Moment!



Until next time!


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