Welcome to the Insta-hood: rose.knows

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Welcome to the Insta-hood. This week’s feature IG-er is @rose.knows  !

1.Tell me a bit about yourself.                                                                                                           “I am a native Los Angelina and Jill of all trades living and working in LA. I DJ in and around East Los. 28958778_10155416397421169_3075167259514704738_n

Outside of DJ’ing, I enjoy dark films in sunny places, creating magick, contemplating the absurdity of reality and the desperate need for art that provokes.IMG_5450 (1)

2. How would you describe your dj style?                                                                                       “I like to consider myself an ambiance architect. I like to create a mood or set a scene and let the patrons play within it.IMG_5447 Sometimes it’s a familiar vibe and sometimes it’s not, either way it’ll be interesting. I generally enjoy playing music that personally moves me in some way and I can only hope someone else feels the way I do.28379276_10155402163981169_3137462682109115351_n

3. What are you current top five records and why? 

“My most dreaded question but in no particular order:


Pink Industry – Low Technology – a friend of mine recommended this album and although I had heard of the band before I hadn’t listened to this particular record. It’s a perfect post punk album with a very unique sound.


Electric Light Orchestra – Discovery – I’ve always loved ELO but I recently revisited this album because I’ve been on a mega Disco kick as of late. I love the fact that this album is one part disco, one part Beatles and one part WTF.


Purple Disco Machine – Soulmatic – I can’t remember how I heard about PDM but when I first heard one of their tracks I could have sworn it was something from a few decades prior. They have a real throwback deep house and disco sound that I love and was quite surprised when I came to know that this record was released in 2017!


Boy Harsher – Lesser Man EP – This hard to fine EP is from one of my favorite new artists. Their music is equal parts dark, sultry and synth with gorgeous female vocals.


Liam Gallagher – As You Were – I love Oasis and I adore Liam. This record is a stunning example of a solo effort done right.”

4. How would you describe your fashion?  Who are your favorite icons?

I don’t conform to a specific fashion style and typically dress in whatever my mood calls for. I do however love to dress up in “themed” looks.IMG_5449 Since I do so many different types of dj nights, I like to dress in the style of that event because it makes it more fun. My style icons are Pam Hogg, Dita Von Teese, Anna Karina, Vampira (Maila Nurmi), Siouxsie Sioux and Enya.vampira-maila-nurmi-03

5.  Do you have any exciting events coming up in the future that you would like to share?

I have several nights coming up that I’m particularly excited about”:

Mad Fer It! – an homage to 90s Madchester, Baggy, Brit Pop and Acid House Dance Party

70s Prom – a 70s prom themed dance party where I’ll be djing Disco and 70s rock, punk and junk

Sex Cells – a Massive Divine Ball – a Divine Trash costume contest and party where I’ll be hosting

Cult of Trivialities – a new Trivia night I’m starting in LA that deals with subjects varying from True Crime to the Paranormal to Cults to Film to Music and beyond!

Everyday is Like Sunday – a Smiths/Morrissey Vegan Brunch and Karaoke fundraiser for Mercy for Animals

Because We Must Podcast – a podcast that is still in the works that discusses the love and compulsion towards music with other interesting Los Angelinos

Bay Area DJ Battle – I’m djing an all female dj crew battle with my crew: Girls Gone Vinyl, in Oakland mid-May (this will be a first for me!) Details TBA! 17862453_10154539632826169_2481990444816230541_n



Thank you Rose for letting me interview you! If you have any questions or would like to know more about her. Here is her contact information:

On Instagram:

@rose.knows , @cultoftrivialities , @becausewemustpodcast

Twitter: @djroseknows , @becauzwemustpod

On Facebook:






Until next time!



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