A quiet Reflection

Usually around the spring time I tend to start going through a bunch of memories in my head. It is my mental version of spring cleaning. You know what to keep, what to toss out and what to look into and study a bit further.

My memories most of the time then to involve people. People that I  have kept in contact with, people that I talked to once months ago and popped in my head or people that I had a disconnect with.

In regards to the memories that involved the people that I had a disconnect with I tend to work on first.

A couple of things I think of:

How did I react in the situation?

How did I respond in the situation?

Then  I give myself two options on how to answer those questions:

Did I respond like a child?

Or like an adult?

If I responded like a child I rethink the situation. Kinda of like walking backwards. Would I take the same pace if I redid it? Usually I come up with a no.


But then I realize that life sometime comes with erasers, and I am not the kind of person who holds on to grudges.

So in that aspect I reached out to some people who I acted like a child to:

Some reply and some did not. But feel like in doing this I have been able to grow as a person in owning up to my childlike behavior. I did this for my and my clarity, I am not the kind of person who is much of a fighter because I feel like there are too many fighters in this world.

Now I really feel like spring is here!

Until next time!


3 thoughts on “A quiet Reflection

  1. Interesting post. I feel like i get the spirit of what you are saying but it calls to mind my own relationship with the concept of adult and child behavior. I feel like the myth of adulthood is perpetuated through a sort of bitterness that comes from the dreams of children not being realized. Grandpa wanted to be an astronaut but instead he is doing drywall just like his dad did. He sees kids dreaming about things that will never happen, according to his experience, so he shames them into behaving more like him…telling himself he is helping them to avoid the pain that he felt/feels….. his twisted existence that still contains the unrealized and abandoned dreams of a little boy and hence an abandoned little boy. The shaming is done under the umbrella of the concept of adulthood.

    There is something wild about children that gets lost in translation through “adult” eyes, I think it pasteurizes culture. I think it also is part of the rational that feeds the ego that needs to dominate nature.


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