Artist’s Spotlight: James Monk

This week’s artist’s spotlight is on James (IG: @rasterms37)

1. Describe your art atheistic.                                                                                                       “My art is an extension of my experiences and what I am, have been, and will be. I don’t limit the powers of creativity.  Voices in me speaking out in an artistic way. My voices of experience of communication and life.”image15.JPGimage2

2.  You recently went to Colombia: Can you discuss a bit about your trip? Why did you go? What did you do?                                                                                                                       ” To be honest the Colombia trip was two things. First, I found love far away so I had to reach it. Second my mothers side of my family is Colombian and I had never gone. Really it has completely changed me. The world is so big. I am a nobody if I don’t see it. If I don’t feel it. If I don’t create in it. I met ancestors. I created art. I fell in love, I painted walls and dove deep into the ways of the people there. My roots. I learned that I need to keep traveling further into myself, into love, And the world. To stay creative at all times till my last breath.image5image8

3.Where do you find inspiration when creating a piece and who/what are your influences?:                                                                                                                                           “I find creativity in traveling, in music, in other artist. Who influences me changes as I grow. At my stage now I can say Jean Dubbufett, Malevich, Depoe, Miro, of course Haring, so many. Life inspires me, sci-fi inspires me, emotions inspire me…shit everything at different moments in life.”image10

4.  I have noticed that you post a lot of robots: Who are your top three robots and why? “Lol all the robots from the blackhole, all the robots from shogun warriors, all the robots from Star Wars, robots from thx 1138, I can keep going. I love robots, the robot figure forms from the group kraftwerk, transformer, Tron, I can keep going. Lol, Voltron, robotek, Rom, I can keep going lol!!!!!!”

5. Do you have any future shows, collaborations, projects you would like to share?            “I have a solo show in Chicago that I will be announcing soon. I’m hyped about that show. It’s gonna be my launching pad to shoot me back out to the world outside of the United States. I wanna live outside of the U.S. for a long time.” image17image14

If you like to contact James his contact information is :

IG @rasterms37





Until Next time!

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