Wo(man) of the Moment!

Daria Morgendorffer you are the Wo(man) of the Moment!


If it wasn’t for your sarcasm and witty humor that my high school life would of been a complete bore!


I remember when MTV played a bunch of cool cartoons and Daria was on the top of my list of tv shows that I needed to sneak after I went to bed and watch without my parents knowing.  I always admired Daria because she had a blunt way of saying things to people no matter what relation she had to them. Like her best friend, her sister and even her parents! Daria_parents

Even though she seemed like an outcast in her community of Lawndale she always seem to attracted an interesting assortment of people. I will name quickly discuss the first three that pop in my head. Like her best friend Jane Lane. She is an artist, fellow pizza eater and sick sad world watcher.giphy

Trent 815dcb4a116a4c714acef1dbaa7c0893

Jane Lane’s older brother and founding member of the band Mystic Spiral (although he he thinking of changing the name) and Daria’s secret (but after a couple of seasons) not so secret crush.

Quinn Morgendorffergiphy (3)giphy (1)

Daria’s little sister and vice president’s of her schools fashion club. Her top three cares are herself, fashion and boys.


Daria you encourage a lot of teens that there is no shame in being smart, a bit goth and socially awkward.

You are a star in my book! Daria-the-movie



until next time!

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