Movie of the Day: Shock Treatment (1981)

Today’s movie of the day is 1981’s Shock Treatment directed by Jim Sharman. It stars Jessica Harper, Cliff De Young, and Richard O’ Brien. SH02-JanetBradL


This movie is a mixture of comedy, drama and musical tightly rolled into a 94 minute long movie.

It is about just married couple Janet Majors and Brad Majors who go to a live taping of a show done in Denton, Ohio. In fact the whole town is own by Fast Food King Farley Favors and since he owns the whole town he decided to movie the whole town of Denton, Ohio inside a studio and named it Denton Studios. ST-FarleyFlavorsSmokingL


The town is divided into a couple of  categories: audience members, the ones who get the own show, background cast and crew. While in the audience Brad and Janet are picked to go on a TV game called “Marriage Maze.” Unfortunately the prize is making Brad go to Dentonvale (a hum drum soap opera)  prison which revolves around a mental hospital. SH-LobbyCard4L

In the meanwhile Janet is slowly made into some kind of TV reality like superstar who is made over to sing and dance at a drop of Farley Flavors hat. Farley Favors is a schemer though because he wanted both Brad and Janet to come onto that show to break them apart.

The rest of the movie has a bit of twists and turns along the way but in the end Brad and Janet realized that they are meant to be together!

One of my favorite things about this movie is the amazing soundtrack! Compared to the other movie Richard O’ Brien wrote “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” I favor this soundtrack way more! ShockTreatment-Overture-FrontCoverL

Below is one of my favorite songs from the movie soundtrack:

In no way is this movie a sequel to Rocky Horror Picture Show however there characters that are prominent in Shock Treatment that were in Rocky Horror.

Fun Fact: This movie was based on the concept of making fun of TV shows that were on the air during that time!



Until Next time!

2 thoughts on “Movie of the Day: Shock Treatment (1981)

  1. I never knew what this movie was about, I will definitely look it up now, especially to hear this music.


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