Clarissa: One lady two IG’s

It came to my attention that a couple of weeks ago of a message I received inquiring if I had more than two IG accounts.

I do not.

My personal one is @lady.cult


And my non personal one is @retro.cult:


Why do I have two accounts?

That is a great question~!

I started the retro cult page as vintagehorrorads

It was a page solely dedicated to old newspaper ads of Horror movie ads. However about a year into having the page I decided “Man I love all things retro, exciting, cool and kitsch! Why am I going to contain it in just my personal one?! Life should not be limiting why should my media platform be the same?!”

So I made the decision to turned that into that page that it is today and I haven’t looked back!

But I decided that two accounts was my personal limit and I have been consistent in the decision for the last couple of years.

There might be similar accounts as mine but there will never be a similar person like me.


Thank you for hearing me out! I appreciate the constant kindness and friendships I have made on this social media platform! Bart's_People

Until next time!

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