My top 5 must buys for the Vinegar Syndrome Sale!

Vinegar Syndrome is having an awesome half way to black Friday Sale! It started yesterday on May 25,2018 and will last until May 28 at 11:59 pm (EST).

The link is below to check the sale out:

I was definitely on my computer Friday morning to check out there sale and to purchase some titles lusting for awhile.  They have an interesting assortment of titles to choose from that range from  horror to exploitation to erotic! I decided to make my top 5 musts for this sale. Some titles will include what I got and some I did not but I feel like its a must to get anyways!



Ice Cream Man (1995) directed by Paul Norman and starring Clint Howard.howard naughton

Clint Howard stars as Gregory a newly released patient from a sanatorium. He has an ambitious goal of wanting to make kids happy. So he restarts his life as an ice cream man in hopes of bring that joy he so desperately wanted to share. However not everyone is appreciative of the joy he is spreading so he starts using people as his ingredients in the ice cream.

Demon Wind (1990) Directed by Charles Philip Moore and starring Eric Larson


Cory (Eric Larson) wants to know what happened to his grandparents sixty years ago. So he assembles a group of his friends to go to his grandparents farms to unraveled the mystery.

The Bees (1978) directed by Alredo Zacarias and starring John Saxon and Angela Tompkins.


When a swarm of bees from South America come to American unannounced they start to multiply and  attacked people for no reason!

Snapshot (aka “One more Minute” and “The Day after Halloween” 1979) directed by Simon Wincer and starring Sigrid Thornton. Snapshot

Angela (Sigrid Thornton) gets coaxes into modeling by the insistent of another model. Angela’s new dream job and life quickly becomes a nightmare when she realizes that she is being stalked by a stranger, her boyfriend becomes super intense for her and evil dark things start to unfold in her life.

Disconnected (1984) directed by Gorman Bechard and starring Frances Raines. DISCONNECTED

There is a crazy person on the loose and they prank calls their victims before he attacks and kills! Alicia thinks she is starting to get these prank calls but she also feels like she is experiencing a bit of paranoia too and feeling like she made up getting these calls.  Not sure if these are part of her imagination or she is getting these calls she has no time to waste in figuring out what her fate will be!


Happy Shopping everyone!


Until next time!

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