Artist’s Spotlight: Ahmed Hosny

Today artist’s Spotlight is on Ahmed Hosny

  1. Describe your art aesthetic:                                                                                                “Not all that sure how in truth. I draw the way that feels right, there’s some tattoo style in there for sure and it’s a touch. Really I draw the way I do because I like how it looks.”

    The Acid Bath Killer (John George Haigh)
  2. Why did you chose to draw just in black and white vs color?                                  “Again I think the black and white works because it makes me feel most comfortable. The more there is the louder it all feels to me. Drawing is one of those activities that is quiet and minimal. I draw in black and white because it makes everything seem that bit easier.”
  3. What is the process in choosing your subject?
    “I read and watch a lot, I guess it’s the cases that grab my attention most. People think it’s the kills or the amount. Far from it, it’s all that comes with it. The change in a towns economics due to serial killing ( check out son of Sam)  the effects on fashion(Ted Bundy) , criminology( just watch Mind hunter), psychology, media and the list truly goes on.

    The Golden State Killer (Joseph DeAngelo)
    Or the reverse, how society’s structure and the family format can effect people. Narrow minded views from sexuality, gender, masochism, feminism,race and mental health in turn lead to helping develop psychosis. Of course these killers action are not justified and never could be. Though it helps to recognize that the society we live in is fundamentally fractured and though we have improved since the golden age of serial killing we have a long way to go. “

    – Why did you choose this theme vs another?

    “It’s not so much I chose true crime over anything else. I have many hobbies and interests. I guessing true crime is more about the community. It still looked at as the elephant in the room. Yes there are hundreds of popular podcasts and shows and even movies. But really they are popular as a small percentage.

    You can look at nearly any of the people who follow me(and I follow) or who I tag in my posts, everyone is so sweet talented, smart  and would do anything for you. So I draw true crime subjects for them and other things for me:::)”

  4. Favorite piece you created and why?
    “I am self taught, never had a lesson and maybe I never will. So the pieces that show improvement for me are my favorite.

    Ed Kemper was my first attempt at the mug shot meets Victorian shadow portrait style and I adore the picture.

    Screenshot_20180602-164957__01 (1)
    Ed Kemper

    Albert fish was when I started to slow down and spend half an hour to 40 minutes on a drawing and I think it shows.

    Then of late I started draw head on images, Jeffery Dahmer was an image I am truly proud of same as the golden state killer.

    Jeffrey Dahmer 
  5. Do you have any exciting events, projects, collaborations etc. coming up?              “Nope nothing really, the shop has some new bits in and more to come. Anyone that wants to collaborate or just contact me please do;;;)

If you like to contact Ahmed or have any questions his contact info is:



IG: @Truecrimecommissary




Until Next time!

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