Movie of the day: Polyester

Movie of the day is one of my FAVORITE dark comedies EVER!!!: Polyester (1981) directed by John Waters and starring Divine, Tab Hunter, Mink Stole, and Edith Massey.775_0e76a3ff-4651-4e39-9f43-c2de492fec29

Divine is Francine Fishpaw  a lonely and misunderstood housewife whose world comes crashing down when she finds out that her husband Elmer ( a polyester suit wearer and Porno theater owner) has been constantly cheating on her with his secretary (played by Mink Stole)


To make matter worse for Francine her kids are just starting to crumble. Her son sniffs glue on a regular basis and have a fetish for stomping on women’s feet and for their shoes. Her daughter is flunking out of high school and has a bit of a reputation of an “easy girl”. Her mom constantly berates her due to her weight and constantly reminding Francine about her fracture family.

The only solace Francine has is her friend Cuddles played by Edith Massey 13e3bdfb8c5209905e082819b5675e86--john-waters-a-dog

Cuddles always provides Francine with uplifting and kind of off phrases to cheer her up! Francine goes through some life altering events with her family and starts taking charge of her life. That is when she meets dreamy Todd Tomorrow played by Tab Hunter.tumblr_p7te7g3Yjl1relg8bo2_r1_400

Although this is a John Waters movie so the pot of gold at the end of Francine’s rainbow become a little harder and further to reach when Francine’s world comes crashing down again.

I remember getting this movie at Borders when it was in a clearance section I was mostly excited because I heard John Waters added a special thing to this movie called “Odorama!” My DVD came with the card and through out the movie there would be numbers flashing in certain scenes and that meant you have to scratch and sniff that number on that card! polyester_1EIFF2011-polyester-odorama1

This movie has a very funny and dark undertone to suburban life and it kinda taught me that even the most regular looking person could have so much more chaos going on in their lives that you know. This is also my favorite role that Divine acted in because it showed much more range in his acting ability and you sympathize with him more then previous roles he had played.   fb7886c860a81b3049df9ce57f9abd2b


Until next time!


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