Artist’s Spotlight: Barbarian Rage

This week’s Artist’s Spotlight is on  Scott Cherry (Barbarian Rage)

1. What made you want to get started in this kind of art form?

“I originally wanted to make an RPG game and would sculpt the minis for it but the game involved too many pieces. I realized I would be sculpting into infinity. I learned how to cast while making the initial game pieces. I still think that game (with the right development) would be killer.”

2. Can you talk about the first toy you created and why? What was the inspiration?

“I had been making toy and pop culture art for years. I had created a string of Masters of the Universe oil paintings but it wasn’t enough to simply paint pictures of the toys anymore. I had to make them.I had a hard time making a mold that would cast anything (which is another reason I abandoned development on the game). Molding and Casting was a lot harder than I expected. After a bunch of failed attempts, I made a mold of the easiest thing I could think of. shitty vader

I cast a little Darth Vader from the 80’s Play-Doh Star Wars play set.
There was no real inspiration. I just needed to make a simple mold that worked. “
3.What is your most favorite toy you made so far and why?
“My favorite toy that I have created is “CodeName: 86 –  Assassin Supreme” It is an 100% original sculpt by me (no bootlegged parts). It’s a double cast body that has a machine torso and glow in the dark skin. He has translucent blood red limbs that are magnetically articulated. 86 Cool PicThe packaging is a resealable clamshell blister that features my oil painting of 86. It comes with a Barbarian Rage sticker and a mini-comic book inside. 86 was based on an old Dungeons and Dragons character I used to play. This toy is me.”
86 Toy Packaging
4.What is your favorite toy growing up and why?
“That’s a really tough question… But if I had to pick, I’d say Castle Grayskull. It tied all of my He-Man toys together and gave them a world to live in. It gave the toys more depth by giving them their own universe to play in. Plus it was so big to me as a child. It was definitely my favorite Christmas gift.”motu-castle-grayskull-1982-mattel
5. Is there any exciting things you are working on or events coming up that you would like to share?
“I have been working on a comic book. I used to do little comic panels on my Instagram using some of my first original “Barbarian” toys but, this will be a full comic book. The book is based around 6 characters that I have created. I would like it to be an ongoing series, then I am going to make the toy line surrounding the comic book. It is an immense amount of work but, anything worth doing always is!Batman Vs. Superman Vs. The Audience
I will also be showing at PowerCon 2018 (He-Man Con) and I will have a booth at DesignerCon 2018! See you there!”
If you like to know more about Scott Cherry check out his website
And IG:

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