Soundtrack of the day: Flashdance

Today’s soundtrack of the day is from the movie Flashdance (1983). I have been recently on a Giorgio Moroder music moment lately and for some reason of another.. I never knew that he was actually part of this soundtrack. So I download the album and it is such a dance party from the first song to the last!


Yes some songs on this soundtrack are really overplayed on countless commercials and movies that came out after this one. However I feel like there are still some great less know gems on it. My personal favorite on this album is “Lady, Lady, Lady” sung by Joe “Bean” Espostio with music by Giorgio Moroder. I accidentally came across this song thanks to youtube when I was writing another another post. I often listen music when writing and it was playing videos similar to the first video I started with. It only took one time for me to totally be head over heels with this song. I often use this song as my driving music. To listen to this song the youtube video is below:

The next song on this soundtrack that I really enjoy is by Kim Carnes. The song “I’ll be here where the heart is. The lyrics in it have so much meaning to me and Kim Carnes has a very distinct singing voice and does an amazing job on this song.

The last song is by Cycle V called Seduce Me Tonight actually when I first heard this song I thought the lead singer was singing Suck Juicy Tonight but I finally figure out he was saying “Seduce me Tonight” due to the fact that this is the title of the song!


Until next time!

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