Movie of the day: Basket Case

Today’s movie of the day is Basket Case (1982) directed by Frank Henenlotter and stars Kevin Van Hentenryck, Teri Susan Smith and Robert Vogel. basket-case-still-3

It is about a man name Duane who carries his tiny creepy twin brother Belial in a wicker basket all over New York City until they find home in a run down hotel. However they did not travel to New York City for tourist reasons. Both brothers traveled to the city bent on  revenge!



Duane and his brother Belial were con-jointed twins and when they were twelve years old they were forced to have a surgery  that would removed Belial from Duane’s side and ever since then they both had  huge angry to the doctors that were responsible for the surgery and plan to cause them harm!


Frank Henenlotter is one of my favorite directors. He created the most unusual characters and plots that I find fascinating. Rumor has it that Frank Henenlotter keeps  the Belial  prop in his apartment. Which I guess makes for a scary interaction if you forget that he is there. MV5BOTI5ZmU1NjQtNDc2Yi00MmJlLTgyYzctYzM4ODRjYTM2YTVjL2ltYWdlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjM2NTM3ODA@._V1_

Henenlotter made Basket Case in a homage to all of the exploitation and sexploitation movies he watch and even to the hey day of 1970’s 42nd street era full of porn theaters, scary and seedy bars and people.

Fun Fact: Frank Henenlotter got the idea to make this movie when he saw the movie It’s Alive by Larry Cohen

Below is the trailer for Basket Case:

Until Next time!


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