The Aura of Cool…


The aura of cool is something I kind of learn while growing up. I never had friends who really enjoy or heard of the things I love and was really into. However I figured out who is to say who is cool and who is not? Cool is something inside of you that makes you unique that is what make you wonderful because you are different and you are special. I have never really been a trendy person I have  tendency to always do, watch, listen to whatever I have an interest in. tumblr_ojwh4crD3l1vlca1wo1_1280

Being cool is owning who your true self is and being happy and proud of what you are into. It is not a location or a piece of clothing. It is an inner quality that makes you shine brighter then any star in the universe.

Never be ashamed in being your true cool self!



Until Next time!



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