Why I love Halloween!

Around this time of the year I always get super excited because I know Halloween is only a couple of months away!


People often ask me why do I have a fondness for this holiday.

Well one main reason is that I always felt incredibly lucky to be born in the month of October and my birthday is really close to Halloween!IMG_7090

When I was younger the only kind of birthday I wanted was always a Halloween theme party. Flash forward to my current age I am not much for birthday parties but I still want some Halloween theme built into my birthday. Whether it’s my birthday cake or I wear something with  a pumpkin on it!tumblr_oxqjv2BWgP1war8aao1_1280

Also fall is my favorite month especially when you experience a very humid summer. Fall has a nice cooling effect and I think nature is the most beautiful during that season. tumblr_pd3pb5lYJC1qhoe3vo1_540 tumblr_oxqti4ifir1vuunbho1_640

The colors that nature provides us during the fall season never ceases to amaze me!

Halloween is one of the few holidays I celebrate and I am over exhilarated with putting up Halloween decorations and completely cover the house from head to toe. tumblr_mc4ng4z2eL1r3tsmdo1_500

And yes I know I am spooky 24/7 and 365 days a year but during October I tend to amp up the spooky factor a notch or two….or ten.tumblr_peat4t3KO71uaw3rgo1_1280


Until next time!






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