Welcome to the Insta-hood: Comicbook_ads

“After a short hiatus this section of my wordpress has returned!

This week I interview IG feed: @comicbook_ads

1.  Tell me about yourself.

“I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada which incidentally is my current home. I’ve always been a geek at heart. Comic books, movie, music….I’m a pop culture nerd. I work as a realtor. I’ve been hustling houses and condos for the last ten years.

image6 (1)


What else… I love animals! I’ve been volunteering for a local animal shelter for the last ten years. I assist the Montreal SPCA with their participation in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. My responsibilities include volunteer coordination and selection of a theme. Which usually ends up being comic book or sci-fi related (obliviously!).image3


I also volunteer for a housing right group called Project Genesis. Twice a month I will go door to door in low-cost housing areas, informing tenants that they are entitled to certain rights and if they feel that they’re being taken advantage of by landlords. We have lawyers on staff to advise them pro-bono.

Also a few years ago I volunteered at a children’s hospital. I’d dressed up as Spider Man along with some other cosplaying buddies to cheer up sick kids. Clearly, volunteering and community work is a big part of my life! ”

image6image5 (1)

2.  How did you come up with your Instagram name?

“Dumb luck. I was looking for a comic book related name that hasn’t been taken yet and was pleasantly surprised to learn that no one had claimed “Comic book ads.” That’s also when I discovered that no one on Instagram was focusing on the advertising of goofy products that always intrigued me as a kid: Sea-Monkeys, fake blood, joy buzzers, “deadly” martial arts, how to booklets etc.”kirk2

3. Top five favorite comic book heroes and/or villians and why?

“Oh, this will be tough to narrow down…

Captain America, (1980s punk rock), Storm,

Lone Wolf (& Club).image1 (2)

Batman and the Joker. I like the visual aspects of each of these characters and their look. image2 (1)

There’s also an aspect of each character’s personality that I relate to on some level. I guess that’s probably why I don’t get tired reading stories about them.

4. Who is your favorite director and why?

“Stanley Kubrick because he was just an absolute cinematic master!” image1 (1)

5. What is a hidden tidbit or talent you have that not a lot of people know?

“I have something of a knack for politics. A couple of my past careers include political adviser to the mayor of Montreal and organizer for one of Canada’s federal parties.

Another hidden talent is….that I love to cook! A few years ago, I watched every episode of this cooking show called ” French Food at Home” because I had a crush on the host Laura Calder. I ended up learning quite a few kitchen skills as a result. Grilled octopus a fave dish of mine!” image4 (1)

Finally another hidden tidbit about me would be the fact that I devote some time every week to community work. image1


If you like to contact and/or following his IG Feed:

Email: house_of_mr_e@hotmail.com

IG: comicbook_ads


Thank you Erik for the wonderful interview!


Until Next time!

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