Phone call….

I remember two weeks before we met up that September we were texting each other. However I am the kind of person that relies more on voice interaction more than anything so I asked him about the possibility of a phone call. At first he didn’t reply back right away but eventually he responded back with OK but he had to get earphones first because he didn’t want to have his phone up to this face. I asked him again about the phone called a couple of days later and he said that he was a little hesitant about talking and was wondering if we could talk later. I thought since we were texting each other so much it was ok. I am the kind of person that never forces anything upon anyone.

Fast forward to a Saturday night and I was once again glued to my phone texting him and we were having our usual text convos when all of a sudden my phone rang…..

It was him. The call took me by surprise even though I was the one who asked to talk to him over the phone. I answered and heard a very sweet kind voice on the other end of the line. He explained to me that he rarely talks on the phone but he thought he would make an effort.

What I thought would be a short phone conversation ended up being almost three hours. It was my favorite conversation I had ever had with him. We did not talk about anything life changing or earth shattering. I realize that the simplest conversations are the best ones you tend to carried in your heart the longest….. https_mashable.comwp-contentgallery20-perfect-gifs-to-express-your-lovevalentine-charlie-brown


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