Artist’s Spotlight: Martin Ontiveros

This week’s artist’s Spotlight is on Martin Ontiveros

  1. Describe your art aesthetic.                                                                                                  “It’s kind of a mix of ancient Mesoamerican/Mesopotamian art, heavy metal imagery, the occult, medieval art, underground comics, and a bit of Jim Flora. I think, anyway. It’s always tough answering this question.”IMG_7350
  2.  What is your favorite piece you have created and why?                                            “The reality is, I probably haven’t made it yet, I’ve done quite a lot and my style has evolved in the last couple decades so it would hard to single anything out. But for the purposes of answering the question I’d say either the shirt I did for Mastodon or maybe the Rob Zombie poster.IMG_7353 I was around 12 or 13 when I started thinking maybe art was something I’d want to become good at and it was largely because of Rock album and apparel art, people like Derek Riggs who painted all the early Iron Maiden stuff, Pushead, lots of thrash metal and punk album illustrations, I wanted to do that too. I figured if I wasn’t going to become a rock star, then I could do my part for Rock n Roll/Metal with my art and how the music was presented visually. So those two projects are the pinnacle of my efforts for that so far, and they both happen to be bands/people that I really admire so I lucked out in that respect too. I’m at the point where some of that is in my reach, it’s very humbling. “IMG_7349
  3. .What things inspire you when you make your art?                                                          “I like phenomena, and watch videos and documentaries or listen to podcasts about UFOs, lost civilizations, cryptids, aliens, witches, magic, secret societies, cults, alternative dimensions, hidden histories, anything bizarre, really. I keep books on the shelf about mythology and weird beasts, medieval woodcuts, mostly depicting devils and witches, magic, alchemy. It’s all for reference or to get me imagining a place where these things might exist, like “huh, maybe?”. The mystery of those subjects inspires me more than knowing if any of them are actually true. Also lately I’ve been listening to audio of people explaining characters and events of the Silmarillion by Tolkien because that damned book is just too dense for me to cut through, I’m glad that others did all the hard work for me, ha! “IMG_7351
  4. One is one random fact about you that not a lot of people know?                                 “I’m ambidextrous but draw left-handed. And I’m nice on the inside despite my prickly appearance. “
  5.  Do you have any upcoming shows, projects etc. that you would like to share?        “I’m in a 3 person show in Seattle at Statix Gallery opening October 4th and later that same month I’m in Hi-Fructose Magazine’s Art Of the Mushroom group show in Oakland at The Compound Gallery, October 20th. In November I’ll be at Designer Con, and might have some new vinyl toys to premiere and that’s gonna rock. December is the Taller Del Diablo Show hosted by HellionMX in Mexico City and its 40 artists painting hand made papier-mâché devils made by renowned cartonería sculptor Leonardo Linares (look up the Linares Family, you’ll flip your lid). Got nothing for January 2019 but in February I put a show together with Lurk1, MiRs, Angela Fox and myself at Q Pop Shop in LA. So I got some killer shit coming up, with some killer people! “

If you would like to contact Martin his email is

And is IG is @martinheadrocks


Thank you for the interview Martin!

Until Next time!


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