Welcome to the Insta-hood: @nightliquid_retro !

Welcome to this week’s installment of Welcome to the Insta-hood. This week I interviewed @nightliquid_retro

  1. Tell me a bit about yourself.                                                                                                 “Hi, thank you so much for having me. I’m Sebastian. I grew up in San Jose, California, but I live in Berlin now and work as a sound designer & music producer. I’m obsessed with synthesizers, retro gadgets and 80s goth music.”
  2.  How did you come up with your IG name?                                                                     “The goal was to come up with a catchy, yet weird name that means absolutely nothing. Mission accomplished!”
  3. What inspire to create your theme on your IG?                                                     “Imagine walking into a toy store as a kid. You’re overwhelmed by excitement – fascinating, colourful objects everywhere, new discoveries behind every corner. “Oh, I’ve seen that on TV before! Oh, but what’s this, right next to it? I need it!” You want them all, but you can never have them all. This is precisely the emotion I want to evoke when people visit my profile.”
  4. What are your top five items you have posted on your feed and why?                     “Pac-Man Watch by Nelsonic (1982)” nelsonic

“As a kid, video game watches were the holy grail of awesomeness. Obviously the gaming experience was very limited, but it was a portable videogame that you could proudly display on your wrist.”

Sony D-88 Discman (1988)


“A classic case of style over substance. However, I still love the fact that this came out in an era were even huge corporations were experimenting and taking risks with product design. Everything was possible.”

Yamaha QY10 Mini Music Workstation (1990)


“This was a pretty ground breaking concept back in the day: A portable & battery powered music production workstation, smaller and lighter than the original Nintendo Gameboy. Of course it was very limited and not very intuitive, but the idea to sketch out full song is a very appealing idea, even nowadays.”

Nintendo / Sharp – Famicon Titler (1989)


“This is a very rare Japanese version of the Nintendo Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System) that allows users to edit video, even for adding sound, animation and subtitles. It’s fascinating that such a thing even exists.”

Casio – CK 200 Keyboard Boombox (1985):

Casio_CK 200_Keyboard Boombox

“A portable music playback device that allows you to play along to the music and add beats? Awesome! This is pretty much everything I’m interested in combined into one neat little box. Casio made so many cool gadgets back in the 80s, it’s ridiculous. Game watches, game calculators, synthesizers, keyboard boomboxes, the list is endless.”

5.  What decade would you consider to have best gadgets and why?                                   “I’ll definitely have to go with the 80s. The portable consumer electronics market was still in its infancy; many companies were still testing the waters. Oh and not to forget: The instantly recognizable 80s tech product design aesthetic. Lovely.”

If you would like more information on Nightliquid_Retro his contact info is below:

IG: @nightliquid_retro

Email: info@nightliquid.com

Thank you for the interview!

Until next time!

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